Major heatwave arriving midweek — record temperatures expected


One thought on “Major heatwave arriving midweek — record temperatures expected

  1. 6/14/21

    It’s inconceivable! We are caught in a historic drought with an intense early-season heatwave. With our rivers, streams and springs drying and our reservoirs at extremely low levels, we face another life threatening fire season. And in the face of all this, Mendocino County races to slip through a loophole that will stop an Environmental Impact Review that could help us understand and prepare for the health and welfare of our future.

    Why does the county insist that expanding cannabis grow and allowing them into rangeland is the correct path forward? Who is served by this reckless action? Our aquifers (read well water) are being poisoned with fertilizers and pesticides. Our precious drinking water is being sucked out by giant water trucks and driven away. The aquifer cannot be replenished without rain, creeks, springs and a melting snowpack.

    Mendocino County’s actions put us all at risk. Consider the dust bowl and the destruction of Owen’s Valley. Consider the fact that the Pentagon believes climate change is a national security issue.

    We need to ask why the county is set on this dangerous path? Who does it serve? When will they realize that there isn’t enough water to support their short term vision?

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