5 thoughts on “Rep. Huffman sponsoring bills to stop offshore drilling along North Coast, Arctic Ocean

  1. Under President Trump, the Administration “recklessly” sought Energy Independence from our dependence on Saudi Arabian oil. It was a way to keep the USA out of Middle Eastern wars. Anyone else remember “Blood for Oil” from past administrations? So now we put American oil and gas workers on food stamps and then our turn to Saudi Arabia for our energy needs. That’s just great. And to think we could have sold Western Europe our natural gas so they did not have to go along with Russia’s influence in order to have gas for winter heating? All that is going to be lost now. America Last. Why? Oh, because of some hair brained left fuzzy wing thinking on what the world should be like 50 years from now. Yeah, that’s just great.

    • Dennis, you have been brainwashed by right wing media. The United States achieved energy independence under Barack Obama. But he never bragged about it because he foolishly believed that he did not have to and he thought environmentalists would be angry at him. Then Trump stole the election in 2016 and came into power and started lying, even more than earlier, and one of his many lies was that he, Trump, was responsible for the U.S. energy independence. But Obama had done that years earlier. If you think, you will realize that it takes years to develop any major energy project. So how could Trump have magically achieved that in 2017 only a few weeks into his regime?

  2. Mass evictions, poverty, businesses decimated, rampant unemployment issues, PG&E can’t keep the power on and the forests are either burning or falling down but…. sure, let’s focus on offshore drilling. By the way, how many jobs and likelihoods is this going to cost, hmmm?

    • American Petroleum Institute has estimated that the leasing and development ban on public lands and waters will be increasing oil imports by 2 million barrels per day. What is the effect on the environment? None. No change. Stopping the Keystone pipeline? None. Stopping off shore exploration? None. Will the Representative address this?

  3. Huffman overlooks the needs of people out here who are HURTING….financially, and health wise…where’s the stimulus money? Also, there’s no comment on Biden’s pro-fracking…

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