In interview Rep. Huffman calls for second impeachment, 25th amendment — “What happened today was textbook sedition, so anyone who was part of it…should absolutely be prosecuted, and I include Donald Trump”


8 thoughts on “In interview Rep. Huffman calls for second impeachment, 25th amendment — “What happened today was textbook sedition, so anyone who was part of it…should absolutely be prosecuted, and I include Donald Trump”

  1. Apparently the picture of the confederate flag inside the Capitol building angers the Representative, even more so than the loss of life that took place, which he does not recognize. He says that trying to understand the Trump supporter’s viewpoint as “bullshit.” His words. Yes, there is a comparison to be made with the Black Lives Matter protests of last summer and it has to do with understanding the motivations of those who travel a great distance to protest. The country has been making changes to accommodate BLM and as a result we are making progress. Will it do the same for Trump supporters? It does not look like it, listening to the new President-elect and this Representative criticize and accuse. So 74 million Trump voters are to be ignored in the new Congress and new Administration. That’s just great. Welcome to 2021: divisive speeches, more hatred, more political posturing, and a country divided. The beat goes on.

  2. What happened at the Capitol on January 6 was terrible and should have never happened. People who incited the violence must be held accountable. However, the Congressman is totally INCORRECT to say that “the Black Lives Matter was an almost entirely peaceful protest.” WRONG! Congressman, did you not see all the destruction in US cities for months? Apparently not.

  3. The vast majority of the 74 million trump voters find the behavior of the Capital terrorists repugnant and anti-American. These terrorists need to be identified and rooted out and prosecuted in a Federal court to the fullest extent of the law. So many of these people claim to be so patriotic, but their blatant sedition shows them to be nothing more than self-centered traitors.
    How stupid can these folks possibly be? Trump’s hand picked judges in both Federal and the Supreme Court shut down the baseless lawsuits regarding election fraud. HIS OWN JUDGES! These people need to be dealt with firmly and by whatever means it takes to get this message through to them.
    I am optimistic that “Trumpism” has a finite lifespan, and the end of it’s lifespan may be within sight. Many of these people have a limited attention span, and will probably be obsessed with some other conspiracy theory by this time next year.

    • Will you also call out those who burned the St Johns church outside the White House this summer “terrorists” with the same outrage and firmness? Or do you have a different value system for leftist rioters, including ANTIFA and BLM? They burned businesses and government buildings, looted stores, innocent people were injured and killed. Claiming the political moral high ground is tricky. People see through it. It is not worthy for those who are outwardly biased and have a double standard for what is acceptable mob behavior and what isn’t. Please don’t say “Oh, but it was a peaceful political protest.” That was a CNN lie. There is a different standard for those on the political left from those on the political right. 74,222,958 Trump voters know that. They are not going anywhere.

  4. Huffman is a hypocrite and a joke of a politician!!! BLM protests “were an almost entirely peaceful protest”. Funny how liberal minds work. Did Huffman forget about looting, burning, and rioting? BLM burned police cars, attacked police, used Molotov cocktails, torched police precinct buildings, assaulted and murdered people, spread COVID, destroyed businessses, and many more crimes against humanity. Huffman needs to be recalled alongside Newsome.

    • Petition to recall Gov Nuisance ( is at D&R Firearms, 120B Leslie St, Ukiah. Now we need a recallhuffman2021 petition. Huffman is just another left wing Deep State shill. He insults his constituents with disingenuous comments on the “peaceful” Antifa and BLM atrocities while condemning pretty much anything having to do with anyone who supports Trump or questions the validity of the “election.”

  5. Right wing and left wing extremists just love to throw out the, “Well, what about (fill in the blank)?” to deflect attention away from their idiocy and onto their opponents.

    Making assumptions about my unvoiced opinions is both ignorant and arrogant, but for the record, I think both the imbeciles who terrorized the Capital and Antifa and BLM are nothing more than two sides of a single soiled coin.

    If people are at all interested in healing the division in this country, they need to understand that extremist media-hog groups and individuals need to be marginalized and not enabled by publicity in order to continue their dangerous and childish behavior. It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) that media plays a major role in fostering and maintaining this division because it keeps people watching and listening and reading, thus advertisers sell more fast food and toilet paper.

    Sadly, I think that a great number of people who keep harping about “healing” and “working together” are merely spewing insincere conciliatory rhetoric, actually pushing for nothing of the sort. Both sides consider me to be a bastard because I think they are both full of shit. So be it: I am a bastard.

    • I agree with your comments and so I guess I am a “bastard” too. When those on the left riot, the media have been telling us, “This is what democracy looks like” and “Oh, it’s a block party atmosphere.” I’m a constitutionalist who believes in the 14th Amendment, equal and impartial justice under the law. That is the path we need to take if we truly want unity. The media would do the country well to educate its viewers on such topics, rather than fostering the division, as you so accurately describe.

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