2 thoughts on “Prominent Ukiah area water managers jockey for seat at the table as Water Board considers drought management

  1. Regardless of statewide water supply conditions and management, drought is upon the Russian River Watershed right now. Water leaders in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties are working tirelessly to secure as much storage as possible amid stringent regulatory terms, as well as work collaboratively with the regulatory agencies to recognize the changing conditions. I urge individuals, businesses, agencies, and the media take responsibility for staying informed on how to conserve and advocate for regional water reliability. Please feel free to contact me directly for more information. Elizabeth Salomone, Russian River Flood Control & Water Conservation Improvement District [email protected]

  2. Lost in the focus upon the surface water supply serving communities and farms is the fact that water year 2019-2020 was the driest of the 108-year record at Ukiah. The impact upon the groundwater supplies of my neighbors west of the city has been severe. Trucked untreated supplies suffice for some uses. But in August, I inquired about a City treated water tap for modest treated water needs of individuals with dry wells. I was advised that the City water right place of use prevents metered sale of emergency water to rural residents. If reworking of the California water rights system is contemplated, some consideration should be given emergency extension of urban supplies to rural homes.

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