4 thoughts on “Mendo approves $625k to local contractor for junk car clean up — here’s who to call to deal with abandoned roadside cars

  1. When you sell a car to someone, you should have a bill of sale. A person can claim they no longer own a vehicle, but I think they should be required to PROVE they no longer own the vehicle. If they cannot prove this, they should be held responsible, and if they are unwilling to pay for disposal a lien should be placed on renewal of their driver license.

    • I gave away a car, gave them the keys and signed pink. They never came back. The release of liability is turned in but what the hell now? I don’t even have keys now and want the car gone. I’m not one to litter it our wherever but to take and put a lien on my license for something I had no control over hardly seems right to me!

  2. Maybe if the junkyards would just pick up the cars for free or at least except them since they tend to make 2 or 3 hundred out of the scrap. Then people wouldnt ditch them as much. But if your poor and the county sees a few cars on your land that doesnt run. Well guess what folks? People come up with inventive ideas to try and at least not get fined to a point they no longer have a property. So maybe people would have better results if different policys were adopted. And greed wasnt so much of these issues. I mean come on ive never been to an area until coming here that locks the garbage cans! And then you wonder why some a$$hole throws garbage in the woods? Im not saying any of it is right. Just i believe new policys for many things are overdue out in these sticks-

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