5 thoughts on “Kimbler says she would decline city council seat (letter-to-the-editor)

  1. I don’t think it’s possible to have a healthy debate around whether it’s acceptable to shoot protestors. You received backlash because the things you said were vile and have no place in civil political discourse. I’m glad you’re not going to be on the city council and I suspect many Ukiahns will agree with me.

  2. I 100% agree with Jonathan. Thank goodness you are not running. Ukiah needs anything but more conservative voices, let alone an angry individual who does not believe in basic human rights.

    • Mendocino definitely needs a balance of voices. Mostly its liberal left. Jenny is a good person who could have expressed herself differently. Despite that the people who really know her voted for her and she came in 3rd out of 5th or 6th. Hope you never find yourself in a situation where your words are turned against you.

  3. Wanting to see someone dead is not a liberal or conservative position (at least it shouldn’t be). This is a psychotic position and has no place in civil discourse.

  4. I had a reaction of disgust when I first read her statement but I ended up reaching out to her and we met to have a discussion. I am very liberal but after my discussion I would have voted for her had I lived inside the city limits. She explained the circumstances behind her post and was remorseful and apologetic for things she had said. I found her to be very respectful and caring. She made a statement in the heat of the moment which is never good but I would bet most people have. Now her and her family are receiving horrible threats and statements. If people are unable to forgive somebody for a mistake then we will remain divided and that is going to eventually kill this country. Take a look inside yourself then put yourself in her shoes maybe you can find some way to empathize with her. If you can’t well then you may just be the hateful one.

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