4 thoughts on “Albion man arrested in killing of 60-year-old Ft. Bragg man

    • basically it’s the technicalities, a murder charge is just a charge, there is no guilt yet so bail is usually set. But for a parole/probation violation, you are usually held without the possibility of bailing out, especially if an inmate is suspected to be a flight-risk or a danger to themselves and/or others. These are 2 separate events, and the no bail violation takes precedence. Even if he were to post bail for the murder charge it would not be allowed.
      If you are on probation with multiple courts for convictions of earlier crimes, which seems to be the case here, a new arrest violates the terms of standard terms of probation and you could be charged twice or more. A charge for every probation violation and the new murder charge is new violation of probation.
      Further, you could be convicted of a probation violation for being arrested even if ultimately you are acquitted of the underlying criminal charge. In this case acquittal seems impossible.

  1. The victim was my uncle and it’s a shame that their has been no update released. Jimmie was a good man and didn’t deserve this. I hope justice is served.

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