One thought on “Smoke getting you down? Build your own (cheap) air purifier

  1. Checked in with my brother who’s an actual climate scientist with a PhD who works on air quality and smoke propagation modeling for the west coast — he endorses the home-made fan filter idea, said it;s proven to work perfectly well. He noted that it’s probably more effective to put filter one the intake side of the fan though, for whatever reason the flat fan blades do a better job of making suction than fighting back pressure.

    Also notable, I’ve been buying Nordic Pure filters on Amazon that are a lot cheaper than the 3M filters in the big box stores but highly rated (NYT Wirecutter, etc.) . You can also get higher MERV ratings (like a 14 or 15 which do a better job on PM2.5) and different thicknesses (thicker filter has more media area so air flows better). One example:

    Hope that’s helpful to somebody.

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