3 thoughts on “Due to low water levels, Army Corps closes south boat ramp at Lake Mendocino

  1. Nice liberal hit job of an article. Lake closed to “climate change”. I quit reading it at that point but sure hope you figured out a way to blame trump too. Mendo Voice- what a joke

  2. manny years ago we could drive down to the south boat ramp and then go towards the north side of the lake and fish ? since 911 with all the wacos out there we got stopped from doing this ? when you can only drive down to one spot why close it off was the question ?

  3. Someone should inform the Governor, the drought isn’t just a political talking point for blaming all the fires, (most of which are caused by humans), and according to “science” Global Warming actually started in 1924 when the drought was happening then. It kind of loses its alarming effect when you put it that way, doesn’t it?

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