8 thoughts on “Sheriff Kendall asks that county “re-evaluate” shelter-in-place, governor allow locals govs. more control

    • Reasoned analysis above all, including “expert” opinion.

      We are very fortunate to have a sane, principled Sheriff. Outrages rivaling those of the Third Reich are occurring in other parts of “America” right now, most notably Gauleiter De Blasio’s assault on a Jewish funeral.

      It would be a huge step for a new Sheriff, but another option is to simply refuse to enforce the anti-constitutional “orders.” I won’t fault Kendall if he can’t bring himself to do that.

  1. May 2, 2020 Marin Independent Journal
    Is exhaling safe while wearing an N95 mask?
    Our local government leaders have wisely asked us to wear masks when out in public now. The purpose is not so much to protect yourself, but to protect the people around you, in case you have the virus and don’t know it.
    Many of us have N95 masks lying around that are left over from the North Bay wildfires in recent years. I had two slightly used ones, and that’s what I’ve been wearing outside now, thinking that I’m protecting myself as well as those around me.
    But the other day I noticed something about my mask. On the front of it there’s a one-way valve. When I inhale the valve is closed, and all the air goes through the filter material. But, when I exhale, the valve opens. Some of the air I exhale probably passes through the filter, but much of it just blows out the valve, unfiltered. This is less than ideal if you’re trying to protect other people in the area. So I put tape over the valve on the inside of my mask. There’s no problem exhaling through the mask, and now all the air going in and out of the mask is filtered.
    — Steve Cardellini, Corte Madera

  2. My family and I applaud Sheriff Kendall and Supervisor John McCowen for saying what many Mendocino County Residents agree is a balanced assessment of the situation on Day 46 of this unprecedented economic shutdown.
    All people are essential. All businesses and jobs are essential. Everyone needs money to pay their bills and in so doing, provide for their families. The average resident of Mendocino County is not rich. They rely on tourism, trade, jobs and their businesses to provide for their families. They are mature, thoughtful adults who have complied with the state order for 46 days now. They can certainly be relied upon to comply in safe health practices if allowed to go back to their jobs and businesses!
    The state mandated they give up their civil liberties to assist in “not overwhelming their medical institutions”, due to the Covid19 Pandemic. The Government and media said if we did not comply with the SIP, we would have thousands of people sick in hospital beds and emergency rooms. Where are all these cases and deaths in Mendocino County? It just did not happen. What did happen is a rise in domestic violence, child molestation and people considering suicide because they are helpless to provide for their families without work or being allowed to keep their own business open. They were deemed UNESSENTIAL. Kids were denied finishing school this year. Our rights as Americans were not respected or even considered in their plans.

    It is time to RE-EVALUATE what is happening to real people in real time. It makes no sense to allow the fear of illness and death, which can and will happen at anytime to anyone, to stop all other aspects of human life. We need to go back to work and we do need a local level of governance that addresses not solely health concerns, but also economic concerns, social concerns, and our rights as tax paying American Citizens to purse life, liberty, and happiness as we so choose. One size does not fit all. Well said!!

    • If leaders like Sheriff Kendall, and officials in Modoc and other counties, are unable to talk some sense and/or honor into the “experts” and “authorities” imposing an authoritarian form of government on us, I predict the People will begin “declaring their independence” around early July in ways that hypocrites like Newsom cannot handle. Most folks are at their breaking point emotionally, and combined with, by then, four months of the un-natural disaster of Flatten the Economy, people are going to move en masse beyond “compliance,” and no number of cops or National Guard can stomp “shelter-in-place” into the faces of citizens any further. Attempts to impose the Fascism with force will result in shove back, with force. The Second Amendment was written for a reason, and this is the reason. The People have pleaded with “the authorities” for relief, but like with any other autocrat, the response, “this is for your own good, you must ‘comply’.” The People have sought peaceful redress of grievances. Repeatedly. We’re told “it’s not the time,” yet thousands of felons are released from prison, untested, into communities statewide. Simultaneously, armed thugs, uh, I mean “law enforcement,” have put people going about their lives peacefully in chains for “failure to comply.” Does anyone see a problem? If not, is it your EEG that has been flattened?

  3. Life and the Pursuit of Happiness cannot always fit into the same bottle during war time.

    I’m a Republican but believe Newsome has ordered the correct lock downs.

    He is protecting Life which appears in the Declaration before Happiness or economic solvency. Life demands we maintain the lock downs.

    But if the government locks you down, it should as the President has done, pay you to stay locked down. We know Nancy Pelosi and her friend on Knobb Hill and Hollywood would love to pay you to stay locked down. Demand Nancy fund raise for Mendocino County. Yeah. That’ll be the day

    • One thing this plandemic has revealed very clearly is the pervasive nature of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. And Stockholm Syndrome.

      This is NOT a “left” v. “right” issue, despite most people trying to make it so. Liars and hypocrites on both “sides,” though, in reality, the “sides” are the government/corporations vs. the People.

      I’ve yet to see or hear from ONE person who has no income and no money proclaiming how “necessary” the House Arrests and Flatten the Economy are. Every one has been someone of privilege, even though they think they may be “poor” or “low income,” someone with money, food, a home, and luxuries most of the world can’t imagine having. The privileged who cheerlead the authoritarian form of government our Republic has morphed into fail to understand millions of our fellow Americans are not worried about the stock market or their 401(k) when they plead for an end to the House Arrests and Flatten the Economy; they’re actually worried about having a home, and soon, food. Anyone who thinks $1200 cuts it for a multi-month lockdown is pretty clueless.

      “Life” is risk. It always has been and always will be so. “Staying home” is always “safer,” so should we then stop using cars altogether? Getting in one, driving or as a passenger, is always a risk, with tens of thousands dead annually. Eating junk food is not how God designed our bodies to operate, so should we have government mandates on what we eat and when we eat it, daily, so as to increase health? Perhaps cameras in every room of our homes, and apps to monitor everything we do, all day, every day, everywhere? Why not? We need to “feel safe,” right? We need to (be forced to) “do the right thing,” right?

      In short, how much government do we want? How government will we tolerate? TOTAL government would be, in a two-dimensional way, much “safer” than freedom. Just do as you’re told, and you live a long “life.” If you can call it a life.

      Life involves human to human communication, human to human touch, and experiences with other humans and with nature. If it doesn’t, is it really “life” rather than mere existence?

      Ultimately, the choice is for the individual, not the government. The virus is unstoppable, containment failed months ago, and everyone will be exposed or become infected. We “flattened the curve” but now the excuses just morph into new ones to keep Flatten the Economy in place. What is so terribly ironic is that the same people who shriek when any restriction on abortion is suggested, even on gruesome and nauseating “partial birth abortion,” are the same people who are most rabid in taking AWAY our “right to choose” on how to handle the plandemic, including whether we should be under House Arrest, tested, tracked, and, in the near future, forcibly vaccinated. Smells like hypocrisy…among other substances.

    • Well said, JC, but I’m afraid it will go over the heads of those who prefer to let the government do their thinking for them.

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