Facial coverings required as of today; watch the Mendocino public health officer’s video update


15 thoughts on “Facial coverings required as of today; watch the Mendocino public health officer’s video update

  1. Doohan is a joke and so is everybody who hired her and paid her 100K extra. to SIP in LA!!!! Doohan admits she just copies and pastes health orders based upon the “big 6” counties to our south! Other intelligent counties issue health orders based upon circumstances in the county i.e. Lake. county, Modoc, Humboldt, etc! I won’t listen to a thing doohan says!

    • I completely disagree. It’s easy to target people when they give you inconvenient news or instructions. No one in a public health role just “copies and pastes”, including Dr Doohan, and besides, have you any idea what that job is really like? If so, speak up with authority. People get unhappy, then lash at out her. She could not have made any of those decisions in a vacuum, but she gets to take the heat for the whole local public health community. Good luck, Mendocino County, finding another physician with a brain if they have sense to do a little research on what it’s like to be in any kind of public service around here before signing on – it’ll be tough. Sorry you feel like you’re being forced to SIP for your own and the community good in lovely Mendo County.

    • Elle W.:

      “Inconvenient” news or instructions? What sort of Marie Antoinette are you, exactly? Having no income, hoping each day that you can make it to the next, is not mere “inconvenience.” The phrase tone deaf doesn’t even come close to your lack of empathy.

      IF the House Arrests and Flatten the Economy were truly necessary, most of us would be on-board with it. But too many lies, too many false “projections” have come from hypocritical government” experts” that most of us are seeing the real picture apart from the false one generated for us. Doohan’s refusal to “shelter-in-place” here IN MENDOCINO COUNTY was the first major crack for me, and the release of 3,500 felons, UNTESTED, by the Newsom “administration” breached the whole thing wide open. I could review the situation with Fauci, et.al., but that’s irrelevant right now.

      There simply is NO arguing around the fact that we are currently subjects of tyranny right now. You can claim it’s “justified,” but you cannot honestly and sanely claim that rule by decree is not in place. Forgive we “lesser” folk for not being thankful, Stockholm Syndrome-style, for our overlords.

  2. I have been very thankful for Dr. Noemi Doohan from the very beginning of our county’s response to this very dangerous situation. Public servants rarely get appreciated for preventative measures because we don’t get to see (and feel) the consequences of not acting with caution. Also, thanks to those responsible for a swift response to the outbreak in Round Valley. The Round Valley Indian Tribal Council and Round Valley Indian Health Center have been supportive of precautions from the very start of all this. Our community is safer today because of it.

    • Have you expressed your thanks to the thousands of people here in our county without a job or income, or the hundreds of business owners who know their hard work is flushed down the toilet permanently? “We saved the county from Coronavirus…too bad about all those lives ruined.” When this is all over, the deaths from the House Arrests and Flatten the Economy will exceed the Coronavirus deaths, here, in California, and in America. Worldwide, I don’t even want to think about it. Even the UN projects 165+ million people facing famine this year. “Of biblical proportions,” in their own terminology. Glad you “feel safe.” BTW, the food riots are already going on in South Africa.

    • Good Point J.C. I owe a huge gratitude to businesses in our county who have been closed. I think you’re wrong, though, that their hard work is flushed down the toilet. I think they’re more resilient than that. Also, I think it is possible (and common) for folks to be very concerned for the health of our community members AND be very concerned for local businesses. Add to that a worry for our first responders and postal workers, supermarket workers, convenience store workers, gas station workers, hardware/feed store workers, etc, etc who are at risk during a pandemic. There is plenty of worry to go around.

  3. SHE’D RATHER NOT SAY!? As a taxpayer in this county forced to contribute to her exorbitant salary I DEMAND that she reveal where she is hiding out! Under ordinary circumstances I wouldn’t care, but she has the gall to order us to isolate ourselves from healthy social contact and to wear useless face covers that defeat the natural process of creating immunity! When are our elected representatives going to demand accountability of this presumptuous individual?

    • That is certainly NOT an elected position. That is a job that requires education and the courage to make people do things they’d rather not do for the good of all.
      I heard she temporarily took a job that was vacant because someone with knowledge and credentials was required, and it’s none of our business where she lives. This note is so threatening, why don’t you step up and offer to do the work and take the heat?
      Why don’t you sign up to actually run for an office so you can legitimately dish out heat and threaten others?
      Best of luck.

    • Elle W.:

      Marilynn did not say Doohan’s position was an elected one. The fact that it isn’t makes her “orders” all the more egregious.

      “Making people do things they’d rather not do” is called being a Dictator. Oh, and as for the canard of “for the greater good,” there isn’t a tyrant in recent history who DIDN’T claim his or her actions weren’t for “the greater good.”

      As for “threatening,” what exactly did Marilynn say that was “threatening”? She is exercising her right to petition the government as secured, not granted, by the First Amendment. I, too, echo the DEMAND that Doohan explain her refusal to “shelter-in’place” solely here in Mendocino County, while demanding we “lesser” folks “comply.” Her family is in San Diego? Too bad: resign or suffer along with the rest of the folks who are unable to visit THEIR families “legally” due to her decrees.

      Government officials, from the Federal to the State to the County levels, all should be thanking whatever false gods they worship that the American people have not reacted to this as the Founders of this country did. The Founders didn’t whine; they took up arms. Sheriff Kendall’s sensible statement gives me hope that taking up arms can be headed off, because that’s where things are headed if Flatten the Economy continues for weeks more, pushing a large portion of the populace to utter desperation. Like you, I have the privilege of a continued income and comfort, but millions of our fellow California do NOT have continued income or comfort, and things are looking more bleak by the day. The different between you and I? I give a damn about them; you only care for yourself, wanting to “feel safe” from one of the most hyped threats in history.

  4. The ‘ natural process of creating immunity’, advocated above, is selective as environmental challenges evolve through the process of random variation and natural selection. This is one reason over 99 % of known species have become extinct during the past billion years of our evolution. Major extinction events also contribute to this. Do you want our population of seniors to bear witness to this fact by experiencing mortality rates of 10 to 15% if they are exposed to the corona virus and their aging immune systems are not able to create immunity for themselves and others ? Social contact in the time of an epidemic or pandemic is a good way to reduce the population of human beings worldwide, but it is not a viable option, or recommended strategy, for individuals who want to survive.

    • Scientism and Technocracy perceive human living solely in duration, never in quality. The human consequences of being under House Arrest do not factor into such “thinking,” as the only variable is how many “lives” are continued solely in the temporal parameter. Trouble is, not being able to enjoy time with family and friends, feeling free to travel about, is not actually living, but merely existing.

      It’s very clear that those who impose these decrees, and those who cheer them on, are nearly invariably people of privilege, having money, property, and perks, while those who bear most of the burden do not. It’s like class warfare, of the privileged against the “lesser” folks of society.

    • How about this? If you’re sick, STAY HOME. If you are over 65, STAY HOME. Mendocino County is NOT a money maker here, and most barely get by each month, and now, no income means you will lose everything you ever worked for because this Doohan individual not only doesn’t want to even bother to say where she is located, she IS copying and pasting from the Bay area’s health orders. She’s taking the easy way out, while collecting $200,000. I will bet what little money I have left on layoffs will come real quickly in the County. It will be the low paying ones they axe, while the high ups still line their fat pockets…

  5. That’s quite a leap from a billion years of “major extinction events” to the notion that if we don’t remove ourselves from normal human interactions and remember to wear ineffective face coverings humanity is doomed. (FYI, I’ll be 76 at the end of May.) You seem to be one of the many who get their “information” from mainstream news channels. There are medical and research professionals who have a different story on both the mortality rates and the situation in hospital wards and emergency rooms, but they are being silenced because it doesn’t fit the globalist agenda. Please watch this interview with two Kern County doctors. It’s an hour long and the questions from the press are very difficult to hear, but it’s worth more than the whole boatload of conflicting disinformation from the MSM. You won’t find it on YouTube because that captured web site censors many who speak truth to power. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NkiM9fo1Ba0h/

    • Nearly all of those cheering on House Arrest and Flatten the Economy are not interested in the facts. They exhibit cult-like behavior; when their Pope, Tony Fauci, orders them to drink the Kool-Aid, the Branch Covidians swill away, and beg for more.

      They love to spew about how “the science” backs their fanaticism and hysteria, yet their kind are the ones censoring ABC news reports from YouTube – I refer to the video you note. Contrary scientific opinion is not allowed. If open debate were permitted, their position would crumble like a salt castle at high tide. So the narrative is limited, in totalitarian fashion, to goodthink from the Ministries of Truth known as WHO and CDC.

      The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. When you consider the tens, maybe even hundreds of billions in profit to be made from the COVID-1984 hysteria, we are given demonstration of how true that is.

    This Order will take effect at 8:00 a.m. on April 22, 2020, and will continue to be in effect until it is extended, rescinded, superseded, or amended in writing by the Health Officer…
    Note that any mask or similar mask that incorporates a one-way valve (typically a raised plastic cylinder about the size of a quarter on the front or side of the mask) that is designed to facilitate easy exhaling is not a Face Covering under this Order and is not to be used to comply with this Order’s requirements. Valves of that type permit droplet release from the mask, putting others nearby at risk.

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