County will crackdown on violations of safety precautions; 3 hospitalized in church outbreak


2 thoughts on “County will crackdown on violations of safety precautions; 3 hospitalized in church outbreak

  1. Only the most obtuse cannot see the government is making war on the People right now. Yes, a state of war exists between the government and the citizens, with the government destroying lives on shoddy pretexts and often outright lies. Currently, the People are not reacting as many other oppressed peoples have in history, but government must recognize people aren’t just going to “take” this much longer.

    Dictatorships use rule by decree and laugh at consent of the governed. Dictatorships also count on masses of “useful idiots” who duckspeak everything they hear from “the authorities.” “The virus! The virus!” is the prime example of that duckspeak.

    How many times does someone have to lie to you to become a liar?

    We’ve seen our local example of “do what I SAY, not as I do.” UK Prime Minister took it even further this weekend, making it perfectly clear what government “authorities” actually think of we “lesser” folk. The mentality is the same across the planet, not just in Britain. “WE” don’t have to do what we tell YOU to do.

    Government is reminded that it is on it to keep the peace. Exceeding its authority, assuming powers to itself not grounded in our written documents or consent of the governed, is Ultra Vires. All officials, from Newsom to “our” Board of Supervisors, best understand that a variety of responses to armed “enforcement” of rule by decree and Ultra Vires “orders” are possible, and can range from letters to the editor, to 1776.

    Don’t make it so business owners have nothing left to lose. You won’t like their response.

  2. Oh, and before any hysterical fanatics show up and denounce me and my comments above, I will say this: Government is literally killing people, right now, with its rule by decree and Ultra Vires “orders.” I know of several suicides here in the County, and God-knows how many other deaths of despair ignored as not important compared to the official “enemy” (Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with COVID-19!). AB7 did a report last week, quoting medical professionals, in particular, from John Muir, about the phenomenal rise in suicides and attempted suicides. Do these folks lives not count? Apparently not. If random killers were snuffing out people, the media – and your fanatics – would be all over it, especially if it involved guns. But when the government does it, it’s “necessary” and for “the greater good.”

    The longer the rule by decree continues, the higher the likelihood this situation turns very, very ugly, with casualties far beyond anything COVID-19 could do. Tens of millions of Americans are petitioning the governments of this land, literally and figuratively, for relief from the warfare against us, but government refuses to listen. We saw a lot of the figurative petitions this week, as millions of Americans yearned for some normalcy to their lives, and simply decided to LIVE THEIR LIVES. Government control freaks, are, as expected, wringing their hands at the insolence of their subjects.

    If the control freaks decide, instead of backing down since it’s obvious they do not have the consent of the governed, and push further with their rule by decree and “you will do as we say, and like it!” “orders,” they should recall what President Kennedy once said:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    We are pleading with government “authorities” to listen. Peacefully. How much more are the American people expected to take before that changes?

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