36 thoughts on “Six new COVID cases connected to Redwood Valley church service, 3 hospitalized — Angelo: “This is not the time to let your guard down”

  1. Those dumbasses!!!! Here all of rest of us are doing everything we can and taking all precautions with great success. And these dumb dumbasses go and congregate!! I truly hope they are all arrested!

    • Arrested for exercising the First Amendment? Hmm, are we now in North Korea?

      It’s mighty suspicious that this outbreak happened at a church, whereas thousands of people circulated with Costco and Walmart before the mask “order” yet no outbreak.
      Maybe the virus only attacks churches? Like the virus stops travelling at 6.001 feet.

    • So much vitriol directed at a few people in a church sitting apart! Smells like hypocrisy to me, unless all of you nasty folks spewing hatred haven’t left your home for the last two months. JC is right about this weaponized coronavirus PLANdemic but too many of you are too lazy or gullible to do the research or use a shred of common sense. Personally, I don’t care what you think, but your behavior is encouraging the totalitarian measures stealthily being put in place. You’ll be in the gulag wondering “wha’ happened?” This isn’t some vague conspiracy “theory” because there is definitely a conspiracy. Georgia guidestones, U.N. Agenda 21, AGW fake science, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Event 201, mandated vaccine with tracking technology and much, much more.

    • J.C. are you fucking retarded?
      You see masks on those jackasses belting out songs? What do you think happens with all that air being expelled? You see people doing that at Costco?
      Sorry if this seems harsh but c’mon science, common sense, y’know?!

    • BubbaHoTep:

      Quite the username there, certainly gives you credibility. LOL

      As someone who claims to be believe in science and common sense, tell us about the “science” and “common sense” of “social distancing” of six feet, but not seven feet, or five feet.

      The claim that singing but not talking, or any other normal human activity that expels air, is “dangerous” is the same non-science as the number pulled out of the rear, “six” feet.

    • J.C., 6 feet does seem arbitrary if one has a 4th grade education and thinks like a child, as you seem to. In your case, given the fact that you are an idiot who clearly cannot comprehend that wearing a mask during this pandemic is both sensible and courteous, I recommend that you keep seriously the fuck away from EVERYONE, like maybe 1000 feet. And if you feel the need to handle snakes, speak in tongues or serve kool aid to the masses can you go somewhere like Alabama or Arkansas to do it? Please? You’ll fit right in. We were doing pretty well in this county until you bible-banging fools got twitchy. Oh and the 9th Circuit just called bullshit on your misintrepreted 1st amendment nonsense you selfish halfwit.

    • BubbaHoTep:

      You demonstrate your “intelligence” with every post.

      Cite the double-blind studies that prove, scientifically, “6 feet” is the proper distance, as opposed to, say, 3 feet, or 12 feet. Your so-called “science” of “social distancing” is faith-based “medicine.”

      Your hatred of Christianity is noted. And is no surprise. I’m sure you’re one of these “tolerant” ones who preaches “acceptance” for everything perverse. You were – and are – among those who shriek about the “right” to murder the unborn, and the “right” to engage in sodomy, while you froth at the mouth that someone wants to exercise their faith in the manner they are entitled to. How much you actually believe in the “right to choose” laid out plainly.

      As for the Ninth Circus, they can KMA. The First Amendment means what it says and says what it means. No perverts in black dresses can change that fact. And if government insists on molesting the plain language of the First Amendment, they may have to deal with the plain language of the Second.

      This isn’t a dictatorship, no matter how much some like you wish it were.

    • J.C. (are you under the illusion you are Jesus Christ?) in fact I am not one of the “tolerant” ones of all things perverse. For example I think you and your ignorant Pentecostal cohorts should be driven out with fire and pitchforks (begone Satan!), if that is what it takes. Christians you may call yourselves, but in reality you are just a bunch of bottom feeding, mouth breathing carny barkers, grifting your way through life. You are no better than Scientologists, Warren Jeffs child-fucking Mormons, or the nut jobs of Waco. I don’t really care what crazy, stupid shenanigans you get up to ordinarily in your own limited gene pool, but when your lunacy and batshittery can affect everyone else’s health, then tolerance for you goes out the window. Have you considered moving to Oklahoma?

  2. I just hope everyone realizes that this virus does not care what religion/non-religion you are and TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

  3. First Jim Jones comes out of redwood valley. Now their churches are spreading COVID 19. What is it about redwood valley and religion. Faith is not protection from real threats.

    • You blame Redwood Valley? Do you also blame New York City for its problems? If you have contempt for rural living and rural folks, there are plenty of cities to move to.

      Your contempt for traditional religion is also noted. Never mind that atheist and/or materialist-“scientific” systems have murdered far more people (USSR, Red China, etc.).

      I do have to say, though, it is terrible irony that the church building that once housed the People’s Temple is now the site of this outbreak. I caught that fact immediately. Is it irony? Or is there a reason that particular building/community is involved, and perhaps not because of the actions of its members?

  4. People need to not be so damn cruel! Maybe show some sympathy that the people testing positive are on a road to recover okay. All of you need to realize it’s a virus and some people don’t know that they have it. So let’s think about what’s the difference between them going to church with a few church members and you or anyone else going into a store or picking up food to go from somewhere. The virus can be anywhere and eventually I’m sure a lot more people will get it sooner or later. Let’s be mindful that these people have families and didn’t get this virus intentionally. But the likely hood of it being spread else where can take place in a store, at work where essential workers are etc. Please keep your rude heartless comments to yourselves because I’m sure if one of you got the virus you wouldn’t say the things you are saying about yourself!

    • Bottom line, they defied our shelter in place orders. Kind of hard to look at that positively. I am in the at risk age group. I have a strong desire to see my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The SIP orders do not allow me to do so. Meanwhile a selfish group gathers in fellowship defying the rules of SIP resulting in the County maintaining their most stringent rules and become ill, infecting others unknowingly. It will be interesting to see how many are Contact traced at the workplace.

      I hope everyone recovers, but all I can say in a sarcastic manner… thanks a fucking lot!

    • You’re right, we shouldn’t be cruel. But people have to follow the public health orders in order to keep from spreading the virus. These folks who didn’t follow the rules and got sick could have spread it to other unsuspecting people. We must be more aware that our actions affect other people too. You can’t blame us for being mad at people who were so careless.

    • I completely agree with you that compassion is the most useful response to suffering. I was disheartened and worried to hear that the pastor was put on a ventilator and my prayers are for his health and the well-being of everyone in our county struggling with COVID-19 and everyone struggling with the anxiety of living in this time of a novel virus. I pray for those who have been hospitalized. I am also concerned that while people need food to survive, ie, they need to go to the store, holding streaming services is not an absolute necessity right now. I’m sure that some people of faith would disagree with me and that’s alright, they are entitled to their belief system. The problem comes when as a result of their participating in church services they become vectors of infection for those not involved in their faith community. All of our actions are impacting each other in profound ways as a result of the virus, and it’s time to put others before ourselves. I pray for the speedy recovery of everyone impacted by the redwood valley outbreak.

    • The COVID-19 Ghouls love the pain! They’re self-righteous, self-serving fanatics perfectly at home in any total government environment. In East Germany, they were the individuals who made the Stasi function so well. Apart from maybe being an enforcer for a Homeowner’s Association or the like, they’ve never had the chance to satisfy their control-freekdom like in this situation.

      One would think that “people” who claim they are oh, so concerned about preventing pain, suffering, and death would have great compassion and empathy for those, well, suffering, but the Schadenfreude they display is revelation of their true character.

      Their attitudes have been beneficial to me, however, as they played a part in my questioning of the official narrative of this crisis.

    • Terri, foul language will not endear you to many. Am I supposed to feel sympathy for selfish people who whine about being at risk while my own grandchilren’s (15 of them) future is being dashed before they even have a chance to become parents or to get a career off the ground? You’re at risk? Fine. Stay home, get the untested vaccine that Billy Gates-of-Hell is determined to inflict upon the world, but don’t tell me and millions of other people that we have to pretend that we are all lepers so as not to ruffle your feathers.

  5. First off, since they didn’t know they even had it, were asymptomatic, other testing WILL reveal other cases. We haven’t had a SINGLE DEATH here, no one went to the hospital that I know of and you are STILL KILLING OUR ECONOMY SHELTERING US IN PLACE FOR OVER 2 MONTHS….LET US OPEN AND LET US GET BACK OUR ECONOMY!

    • A lot of people are seeing through the lies, and realizing this situation is not because of a virus, but because of an underlying political agenda (NO, I’m not talking about hurting Trump). Alas, plenty of sheep are still enthralled to the “expert” opinion which has reformed itself like Play-Doh routinely.

      Remember when the lockdown was to “Flatten the Curve”? I do. Now it’s “until this happens,” with “this” being something new repeatedly. Ultimately, the lockdowns will remain in some form until the “vaccine” from Hell arrives, and is “ordered mandatory” for everyone (remember how these same people shrieking about COVID-19 shrieked about a right to choose for a certain other homicidal reason?).

      The economic damage is already catastrophic, and will continue to grow every day these insane politically-driven lockdowns continue. It’s easy to focus on real and mostly alleged dangers of the virus, while the not-yet-seen economic effects are building to that of a tsunami ready to sweep away government services in budget year 2020-2021. Those shrieking about “the virus! the virus!” are like those who stand at the beach, mesmerized by the massive amount of water receding from the shore – “how interesting, I wonder what this means?”

      Remember back, boys & girls, when that Economic Tsunami washes away what YOU need from government services. Among countless other things from stores and factories you thought would always be there. Say good-bye to your pensions, in particular.

  6. The headline says 3 hospitalized, so. No deaths here yet, shelter in place is effective.
    The economic pain will be dictated by the virus; open too soon and we will have to shelter longer.

    What is the number of deaths that is acceptable to you to”GET US OUR ECONOMY BACK?

    • That pastor is an IDIOT to allow open singing during a shelter-in-place pandemic!
      Shame on him and his wife for doing what they did to our county on Mothers Day of all days.
      They should both be arrested after they are released from hospital.
      No sympathy for selfish covidiots who risk all our health by not following simple rules put in place to protect us all.
      Maybe that pastor should try reading the book instead of lecturing on it like a know-nothing, selfish boomer fool!

    • How many suicides and other deaths from despair are acceptable to you so you can “feel safe”?

      How many unnecessary deaths from undiagnosed cancers and untreated conditions that end in misery & fatality because of the hysteria (leading to serious delay in discovery) are acceptable to you so you can “feel safe”?

      How many tens of millions of Americans ruined financially, and facing homelessness and worse, are acceptable to you so you can “feel safe”?

      I get it: you don’t care about them.

      ABC7 just did a report on Thursday, those who actually do care can look it up: “Suicides on the rise amid stay-at-home order, Bay Area medical professionals say”

      There’s plenty more news reports and data showing those deaths will exceed real and “doctored” (pun intended) COVID-19 deaths.

  7. Guess what “ stop negativity “?
    Yes, people still get it.
    A lot of them get it because these bozos who deliberately expose themselves ,walk around, and infect other people .
    It seems pretty easy for you to dismiss the deaths of people that they all infected.
    Maybe this church can help out the hospitals carrying bodies to the morgue.
    Start with my father.
    Or my 40 year old friend who got infected and died on the front lines, helping packing emergency supplies for shut ins.
    Big joke right?
    Go ahead and argue, “ well they didn’t die in Mendocino.”
    Then come to my house in Mendocino county and tell me you think this virus recognizes borders.
    The number doubled here because of these clowns.
    Don’t expect me to feel any sympathy for these people. They knew what they were doing before they ever went in the door!

    • Please name this friend of yours that died. Surely a news report was done on their story?

      Are you helping with the suicide prevention lines right now? Or do those folks’ lives not count? What about the alcoholics who fell off the wagon, drinking themselves to death due to the stress, while liquor stores are “essential” under the rule by decree, but AA meetings are not?

  8. I can’t tell from the article exactly how many people were physically present at the Mother’s Day service. Were any or all of the other six cases physically present at the service or did they have contact with the pastor or his wife or the camera operator at some place other than the church service? Commenters seem to assume there was a large congregation physically present, but there article never actually said so.

    • According to an earlier article, there were three people there, the pastor and his wife and the cameraman. The event was live streamed. All these people screaming about how three people, two of whom live together, are responsible for spreading disease and destruction are worse than clueless. They are the unquestioning obedient followers requisite for the NWO that is descending upon us.

  9. It’s so easy to overreact. Logic says they sang together with no masks, but they were married and living together so they did not need them. There were one or two other people there and they may have been well-known to the pastor and his wife (and had ben sheltering at home) so it seemed probable these others were free of the virus. We still don’t know who had it first and how they got it. There is much we don’t know. The only thing we can say with confidence is singing can cause the virus to spread. Therefore those other two people definitely should not have been there. End of story.

  10. As of 4/7/20 up to 4 people were allowed to live stream a worship service in Mendocino, with distancing, hand sanitizer, etc. Singing and wind instruments however were not allowed. The current order does allow singing. I’m not sure what the order was on May 10th perhaps the numerous commenters wanting to arrest people know? This is one of the more discouraging comment chains, so much self righteousness. Just because one’s been so far lucky enough not to get sick.

    • Hi Lisa— I’m generally for the shelter in place orders and am concerned about churches holding services in advance of orders permitting them to do so, but also understand the frustration of folks who feel their religious freedoms are being abridged. Even though I’m concerned about church activity before the virus is better contained, and am usually with folks who want to see others follow the shelter in place orders, I agree with you that it’s incredibly
      disheartening to see so many people calling for arrests. We’re all neighbors, we live in a community, this is not a way to treat people. I appreciate you pointing out that it may have been within the order effective that weekend to have 4 people total from different households in one location. I’d have to go back and double check the order. Regardless of whether they were strictly following the order, and I personally wished they had refrained from doing the service, this mob mentality and calling for arrests is just so very disturbing. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  11. Please “Shelter in place” as much as possible and wear masks outside to protect your community. We’re better than this. It’s the quickest way to get people back to work. Really. We can do this together. As a Medical Home teacher for our schools, I know there are many vulnerable people in our community who need you to come through for them. Please don’t put our healthcare workers at risk with reckless choices. K. Gantzel

  12. Oh, so cruel… these ignorant believers thought their invisible friend was going to save them. Not only ignorant but stupid and endangering the lives in the community. The scientists in charge of public health say stay at home. The reason is you might not know you have the virus. These foolish people have endangered the entire community. How many deaths will result? Should we not hold them accountable?
    You ignorant responders… I bet you’d let a smoked light their smoke in a gas vapor filled room because their addiction is a sickness… people need to ack like “responsible adults” and protect the community.
    This is no conspiracy, it’s Saint Darwin at work. Saint Darwin let this loose on us. I believe he wants the ignorant to wipe the aged who possess knowledge and experience so the idiots can rule.

    • Where were you with your wisdom when Dr. Doohan traveled to her San Diego home 600 miles away? You have an issue with a few people getting together to worship the God you so rudely mock, but it’s okay for overpaid officials to go where they want when they want or for people to shop ’til they drop. What a hypocrite!

    • Marilynn B:

      Nearly all of these lockdown fanatics are hypocrites. Nearly all of them preach a “right to choose” for abominations, but when someone wants to exercise a right to choose how they live their lives in traditional ways, these “people” demand government put a boot on their throats.

      I’m actually just loving the unadulterated hypocrisy of so many government “leaders” and “officials.” From Doohan to the Mayor of Chicago to the Governor of Illinois to Boris Johnson’s “he was only doing what a good father would do” personal aide. It shows us just what they really think of us, and how much they believe in “free” societies that “represent” the People. All of their lies about “democracy” are exposed, forever. I cannot and will never again accept them as someone with merely honest “disagreements.” Those here in our country are enemies of my family, and enemies of America and the American Way of life. There can never be any compromise with them again. And if they continue to try to force their will, motivated by twisted ideology, then we may be on the road to a Civil War. WE didn’t choose that; they did. Because they refuse to respect us and our choices.

  13. Sigh…

    Okay, I have to say, if you think things should be continuing to stay on a tight lockdown and you are a smoker, you better stop smoking!
    People are sold that six ft apart is going to keep you safe. Now, go and smoke and watch where and how far your smoke travels. That was in your body. This shows how far things can really travel.

    If you are concerned, wear your masks everywhere.

    I am not trying to pick on smokers. Many people I know who smoke and still are considerate of those around them.

  14. If government “authorities” and “experts” truly gave a damn about people’s health, as they claim they do, during a pandemic of a virus that causes respiratory distress, wouldn’t they simply ban cigarettes, cigars, and cannabis inhaled products, as readily and easily as they have banned people from moving about freely, and banned so many people from working?

    Alas, the government “authorities” and “experts” DO NOT care about people’s health. The lockdowns are NOT about any virus. There is a diabolical agenda behind the scenes, as James Corbett (look him up) and others have demonstrated with actual, fact-based research that cannot be refuted. [everyone, please, spare us the idiot talk of “that’s all ‘conspiracy theory'”]

    (for the record, I am NOT in favor of banning tobacco or cannabis products, but if “the science” is the true basis of these “public health” [sic] “‘orders,” then what I suggest is a baffling omission…)

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