26 thoughts on “Mendocino County confirms first case of COVID-19; shelter-in-place order begins at 10 p.m. (3/18/2021)

  1. The promised Press Conference apparently did not happen. Dr. Doohan and Carmel Angelo did a brief informational via telepone with KZYX&Z…Did you get the interview? If you did…can you link us to it? Thanks!~GRANNY

  2. Of course, they will not tell us peons which “general location” the confirmed case is. And please don’t tell me “HIPAA, etc.” prevents that. BS – nothing in HIPAA prohibits such a disclosure of relevant non-person-specific information to help mitigate a public health emergency. Doohan CAN tell us, but won’t. For political, not legal reasons. HIPAA has been, for the most part, merely a means to shield one’s organization from injured/angry customers/patients/citizens, the ever-present excuse to stonewall people.

    Of course, the person’s name and specific residence address should not be disclosed, but the city/town of can and should be disclosed. Why? Because people can take heightened measures there. We cannot all live at maximum readiness 24/7/365 for unknown threats, there has to be some down time. We are not machines.

    • What difference would it make knowing which city this person lives in opposed to not knowing, other than causing more panic? Keep following the guidelines. Social distancing, hand washing and staying home unless it’s absolutely necessary to leave your home. It’s not a matter of “if” people are going to get COVID19, it’s a matter of “when…” obviously. They’re trying to flatten the curve for people coming into hospitals instead of being in a situation like Italy is in. Italy’s hospitals are so overwhelmed that they are turning people away based on who has the better chance of living.

  3. This is hysteria and fear pushing us one bridge too far. We are a rural county goddammit. This solution is stupid and draconian unless you live in a suburb or city. It is 100% possible for healthy people to go about there work in many cases. Half this county is already self isolating every damn day in the hills and woods. And half the damn county lives hand to mouth and doesn’t exist as far as getting a government check goes. I am not someone who thinks this virus is a hoax or to be taken lightly but this is fucking stupid.

    • Yes I agree fully. Complete BS. I will never forget this. Its a complete insult.

    • agree completely w both Dave & commenter, being one of the described people as well as being a highly at risk senior– bureaucrats are always challenged by their own mediocrity and perhaps many of ours are less lame than those elsewhere. Still, there’s a lot more Bravo Sierra flying than one can be comfortable with.

    • I agree sir! My wife and are reclusive all year long. We love being alone in the forest.
      Take care and remember to 😃 smile…..

  4. We as a town do not have so much contact with each other as it is. People keep to themselves more now anyway. How many of us know all of our neighbors? When I was a kid we knew them all and they knew us. If you needed something while cooking dinner you could run over to the neighbor and borrow an egg and return a couple next time you went to the store. Or better yet, give them a 1/4 of the pan of brownies you just baked. We do not do that anymore. We do not wave to people passing the house while driving either. I do and enjoy the smiles and responses I get back. Mostly older people are the ones who smile back at me and wave. Younger people tend not to wave back. I even get the occasion finger from a person not having such a great day. In my opinion though as a town we need more social things in normal times so that when times like this hit, we can all help each other instead of hiding in our houses and peeking out the windows. Yes self isolation will prevent the virus but it will also continue to build fences and walls around a town that no longer says hello to our neighbor. Stuff like this only makes us fear our neighbor or have fear for the unknown neighbor when in fact they may need our support and friendliness during this lonely time. Leave a pan of brownies on a neighbors porch and maybe we can get a pay it forward campaign going. Would it be a nice surprise to have a fresh brownie as we stare out the window at the rain, afraid to venture into the unknown. 😉

    • We just would hope there JUST brownies. Scary isn’t it? I do agree with you. I would walk a mile for a hug and a smile…..take care.

    • You brownies are safe, they just came out of a hot oven. The virus doesn’t like hot anything.
      Being cautious is one thing being kept a prisoner in your own home is the beginning of socialism. I’m 77 and I have seem a few viruses but this is out of hand.

  5. Wash your hands! Listen to the order! Don’t be a moron spreading this. Use bleach. Don’t hug your grandparents. Suck it up for a few months. Quit blaming others and look in the mirror. Be solution and not the problem. Help your neighbor and do the right thing. It’s time to stop thinking of yourself and time to care of others. Man up! Women up! We are Americans if you hate this country and hate your community leave. Stop whining! Thanks…

    • YAAAASSS, finally, everyone around me are complaining..seriously, I hast want to scream..

  6. This is insane…!!!!!!….Why can’t we know which town in Mendocino County with confirmed case of covid-19. It’s sad we have to hide out in our residents,some don’t have homes,what about the homeless? We are Americans and I believe United we stand.. Divided we fall. It’s time we help our fellow brothers and sisters,just take precautions. I really think this is blown way out of proportion. Buck up and do what you feel is right in your ❤️ heart. We need to stand together in a crisis not hide.

  7. It doesn’t matter what town COVID-19 has been confirmed in. Likely it’s everywhere already. There hasn’t been enough testing to say. Even if it’s not already all over mendo. Act like it is. Get sloppy thinking your still safe cus it’s in Ukiah, or fort Bragg, and your somewhere else. You might catch it.
    Be a patriot. Be as careful as you possibly can about catching this virus. You may have it, be contagious & not even know it yet.
    If you are not being as careful & clean as you can possibly be right now. Then you are continuing to the demise of our country.

    & Replying D Adams:
    Stay off my porch with your infected brownies. Are you F-ing crazy? Typhoid Mary?

    • Might be the person that gave me the finger when I waved and said hi. Just trying to be nice, relax a bit. I am pretty sure there a no cases on the virus being passed in brownies.

  8. There is no way I would eat someone’s Brownies at this point. Some of you people just don’t get it. We have to be CAREFUL! I understand this whole Corona virus has everybody up in arms and tensions are high. I have never seen anything like this in my 60 years of existence, and it’s getting worse daily! Everybody needs to isolate as much as possible and do the right thing! So much selfishness out there right now. People can have the virus and pass it on to someone else without even knowing it. Use common sense and don’t think you’re better than this!

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