Body of missing elderly man found in forest near Fort Bragg


4 thoughts on “Body of missing elderly man found in forest near Fort Bragg

  1. I’m beside myself to think that it took a WEEK for this poor man to be found only 900 ft from his car by searchers on foot not the”trained”K-9s …
    I know this area very well and frequent it often but can’t imagine how this man must have felt or for how long he survived..if only the K-9s were better trained for the area such as it is,he may have still been alive.
    My condolences to the family.

    • It was two weeks between when he spoke to his family on 8-8 and when his car was spotted on 8-23. That is plenty of time for the trail to go cold for the search dogs. He could have wondered away from his car shortly after getting stuck looking for water. Blaming anyone does no good – just a tragic situation.

    • I’m a family member of the deceased, and in all honesty, that area had been searched previously. It appears what had happened, is an animal got a hold of some of his remains, and drug it to the spot that they found him. The reason it took so long as well, is because the first two weeks, we didn’t have a location to search. His vehicle was barely found, then his body about 6 days later. I want to thank search and rescue for all of their hard work. I’m glad he can be laid to rest soon. He is loved & will be terribly missed.

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