Reinstate Barbara Howe (opinion)


2 thoughts on “Reinstate Barbara Howe (opinion)

  1. More than a week without a rebuttal or confirmation of support? Come on community, help some of us out. We really should be working with a Director of Public Health (& I for one know nothing about this situation; except that we’re without!).

  2. Thank God Barbara is gone! Racist to the core, hateful to public health nurses pushing her self interest first. Believe it, and if you need more info truly look at the number of nurses she forced to flee and/or resign, a self serving phony… Obtuse to the core, she dressed as a hooker for Halloween. She hates women and especially successful women. She tried to oust long term Latinas. Check out how many PHNs resigned on her watch…she decimated PH nursing and prided herself on taking out men in leadership roles…Go Tammy you got this one right. Ask amazing staff serving coastal populations and her treatment of long term loyal staff. Shame on PH for allowing such mayhem to rain down on long term public health staff. Check out the rush to retirement and the favored few crones who flipped to turn on new public health nurses. They fled to other counties as a result of her abuse. Weird and creepy Barbara…. You decide.

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