Mandatory evacuation near River Fire — River Fire now 5600 acres, Ranch Fire is 2700 acres


3 thoughts on “Mandatory evacuation near River Fire — River Fire now 5600 acres, Ranch Fire is 2700 acres

  1. What does anyone know about witnesses to direct energy beam weapons during last wild fires in October? This is not normal. Very odd that the fires target prime Candida real estate & that big corporations are buying up burned lots on the cheap. Wake up California. Multinational corporations have declared war & our politicians are all bought out.

    • Thank you for your bravery in posting this!
      I just wanted to add that I know this to be true as well. You are not alone. California is waking up quickly which is why we are being used as hostages by the deep state! I love the chess move that PG&E has made recently (who owns PG&E????) by shutting down power “pre-emptively”. Now, we cannot even receive the evacuation warnings that are necessary to save our lives!!!!!!! Smart move deep-state! Only when we stand together as neighbors and friends in “full disclosure” will the deep state (and those affiliated) truly tremble… and the matrix shall finally crumble!
      We must stand by our neighbors. We must ban together across any and all party / racial / gender / age lines.
      We are of one family; humanity, and it is time to make our voices known!

  2. Same question i keep posing to Humboltians – WHERE IS CALIFORNIA’S WORLDS LARGEST 19,000 gal, 30 min refill, sprays a mile and a half, SUPERTANKER? Hmmmm?

    One month ago, there were 30, “Don’t know how they started” firestorms.Today there are 62. <<<the fast blink of a plane spraying retardant at the 10 sec. mark is not The World’s Largest Firefighting Aircraft Grounded by U.S. gov’t. Sept. 5, 2017

    It shocks the conscious that our California Boeing 747 firefighter tanker sits idle in an air force base, while people are scrambling for their lives. Commiefornia.

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