Cannabis Czar OUT — Kelly Overton quits


2 thoughts on “Cannabis Czar OUT — Kelly Overton quits

  1. Thank you for the information about Kelly Overton as Cannabis Czar quitting. That’s three Cannabis Commissioners in a row being fired or quitting because the chosen experts are not being listened to as to how to run the cannabis regulatory program. Supervisors think they know better than their experts or more likely aren’t listening and want to control the cannabis regulations that they know nothing about, other than demanding fees that don’t fit into the situation that cannabis growers are familiar with for 40 years, allowing them to survive. If any of the supervisors cared about their constituency, someone would come forward and explain this chaotic out of control situation but instead every one of them remains silent. Dan Hamburg signed off on Overton’s dismissal with no explanation. Where are the responsible adults on the BOS?

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