Assistant ag commissioner is out, and Mendo has no ag commissioner


5 thoughts on “Assistant ag commissioner is out, and Mendo has no ag commissioner

  1. Interesting they want to blame the AG commissioner for not approving more permits. There are 200+ Rangeland applications that have been held back for 6-9 months because the supervisors have failed to take action in the administrative permit mistake. Planning and building is a nightmare and is holding back way too many cannabis projects. The supervisors have passed such ridiculous rules the county of mendocino cannot follow thru. Now the supervisors have decided to start over with a new system, good luck, I bet it fails too.

  2. This is Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporting! Thank you for the transparency and the truth.
    Kelley Beglin

  3. Kate’s article is excellent. The executive cannabis administrator was brought on to lessen the work of the Ag Dept, according to Hamburg, in the middle of the 5 day stint of Ag Commissioner Moreo. They don’t run anything by a policy body in place or farmers to be regulated because it’s all backroom deals. Even Hamburg is at a loss to explain it.

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