Sheriff’s Office releases names of all who died in Redwood Fire

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3 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Office releases names of all who died in Redwood Fire

  1. I have photos of the true cause of the Rv. Fire. It was not started by the PV fire coming over the ridge. The fire that originated in RV, imo, started from power lines and/or a Transformer explosion on a broken pole in the Vicinity of West Rd and Tomki. The deaths are located closest to this epicenter. My photos show an extreme hot “Firenado” forming in the vicinity until it is completely covered In a dense layer of smoke. I also have pics and a video of the scene at 11300 west rd. Showing the residents literally burned alive where they stood.

    A reinvestigation of criminal culpability of PG&E in Mendocino county needs to happen now. They have been let off the hook by the DA who incorrectly declared that Criminal Negligence on the part of PGE did not occur.

    If you can use my evidence to start this process please leave a comment .

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