Supes committee examines Class K building code


One thought on “Supes committee examines Class K building code

  1. I am living in a home with no fire sprinklers. It was built in the 1930’s. How do you figure it is still standing given that it has no fire sprinklers? Just dumb luck? Or are fire sprinklers not all they are cracked up to be? I understand that many homes with fire sprinklers have burnt down. How could that be? I mean, they have fire sprinklers, right? So they cannot possibly be burnt down. And then there is the case of one guy that used a water hose to run gas into his Class K structure — so everyone in the world will be doing that unless you put a stop to Class K building, and never mind that he would have been able to use a garden hose to run gas into his fully permitted structure . . . in other words, all the people that are invested in the status quo, they want to circumvent our liberties and stick their greedy little hands down into our pockets.

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