Slew of car accidents across Mendo (update)


2 thoughts on “Slew of car accidents across Mendo (update)

  1. If you folks are going to continue printing old news (i.e., from weeks ago) then at least include a DATE of the article instead of simply printing “Update: 2:00 PM”. For example, how is the reader supposed to know if Highway XX is open or closed if you don’t tell us what precise day of the month you are talking about?

    • We are not reprinting old news. When we first started this paper in September 2016 we used different software that put the date in the articles, then we switched software. So there are a few articles from the first two months that now do not have dates, but you can see the date in the url — this one says 11/16. Everything after that has a date in the article.

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