“It couldn’t be”: The un-extinction of the Mendocino bush-mallow


4 thoughts on ““It couldn’t be”: The un-extinction of the Mendocino bush-mallow

  1. As a plant enthusiast and someone who appreciates biodiversity I love a good news story like this, and people like Jim who take the time to notice the small things in life and care.

    • Yes, hollyhocks are a type of mallow. The family includes marsh-mallow, a wetland species from Europe whose mucilaginous root was the original source of the confection named for it. It also includes okra and hibiscus. As you can understand if you have ever eaten okra or used marsh mallow for it’s herbal soothing properties, many members of the family have a gooey sap or mucilage, and all have the same distinctive flower form.

  2. It is very pretty. It looks very drought hardy and fire resistant (light green non-shiny leaves usually signal fire resistance). Someone should propagate it and eventually it could become a valuable landscaping plant, maybe.

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