3 thoughts on “Ford Street Project partially stalled to evaluate fair distribution of Measure B funds

  1. Coastal access would make sense of there was an existing provider, but FSP is the only licenced in patient SUD treatment location in Mendocino County. It’s there or people have to go out of County, which obviously is a much farther drive than Ukiah.

  2. Not only should funds be spread throughout the county, but they should be funded only for county residents, as opposed to out-of-county patients brought in for other state and federal funding.

  3. It is short sighted to say we should only serve Mendocino County residents. The Drug Medi-Cal Organized delivery system provides the opportunity for our residents who need a higher level of SUD care, (that is unavailable in our county) to go to Humboldt County where addiction services for folks with a behavioral health challenges are available.
    At the Ukiah Recovery Center priority is given to Mendocino County residents for housing supports like sober living dorm accommodations.

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