Mendocino County’s current Covid-19 surge continues: Miller Report for Jan. 18, ’22 (column)


3 thoughts on “Mendocino County’s current Covid-19 surge continues: Miller Report for Jan. 18, ’22 (column)

  1. Lots of idiots in Mendocino county. Especially the Willits and Ukiah Area. Nobody wears masks at Good Guys gym in Willits so I went to Ukiah and it’s the same at the Ukiah Valley North Location on School street. These people just don’t care about others. It’s that simple. They’re just a bunch of selfish, delusional, trump supporting bigots that will put their own family in harms way simply to “exercise their freedumbs”. It’s extremely difficult to be part of a community where people have such a low IQ.

  2. It seems Doctor Miller cannot make a simple statement to reach all the high school drops out in the county.

    A simple statement is we are having an epedemic right now of epic proportions. You must get vaccinated.

    But no the good doctor tells us right off the bat that omicron isn’t so bad. It is this mixed messaging that creates confusion. Doctors should not be giving us instructions. PR people who discuss the issues should be messaging. Doctor Miller, please stop writing this column. It confuses educated and uneducated citizens alike.

  3. How hypocritical is it of the good doctor to not tell us that upwards of 100 of his staff have been given an exemption from vaccination on religious grounds?

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