One thought on “Mental health and the holidays: tips from a local expert (column)

  1. The Big Mental Health Elephant in the Room is, of course, COVID-19(84).

    And I don’t mean “the virus.” I mean the malevolent actions of governments to wage psychological warfare on the population to achieve its socio-economic/political goals. This is normally called terrorism, but only when it’s not a government doing it.

    Until COVID-19(84) ends, treating the mental health of most of us will be a pathetic Band-Aid. Like trying to put out a fire that is constantly fueled.

    All we can hope to do is survive. Thrive? Not a chance, unless you’re REALLY delusional. Sadly, many across the world have not survived, either succumbing to the deceitful call of suicide, or from deaths of despair via drugs or alcohol, the latter merely vain efforts to escape the terror inflicted on humanity by “trusted experts.”

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