2 thoughts on “For birthing parents on the Mendocino Coast, labor and delivery centers are a disappearing act

  1. This story is 18 months old and leaves out that the ER staff at the Coast hospital is trained to provide emergency deliveries, stabilize mom and baby, and then transfer to Ukiah which has all the natal care the hospital did not, especially a NICU (Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit.)
    Almost all rural hospitals closed Labor & Delivery, not because they just want people to die as some absurdly said, because Medicaid pays $17k for a delivery that costs $75k. To break even under these circumstances, the hospital here would need 300 births a year. In the year just before closure there were 55 deliveries. If you want to find someone to blame, look no further than your state legislature which reimburse hospitals pennies on the dollar.

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