5 thoughts on “‘Wear a mask:’ A strong recommendation from the Mendocino County Public Health Officer

  1. What a bunch of hogwash! Always talk about cases, never mention the millions that have recovered and have IMMUNITY! Never mention that vaxxed people are mostly the ones getting the virus! Never mention that messing around with a mask increases your chances of getting sick. Never mention things to increase or natural immunity like Vitamin D3. I also see they haven’t mentioned how many people have died taking the fake nonFDA approved experimental vax or how many suffer from side effects.

  2. If this virus or any variant strain is SO contagious, then WHY aren’t the discarded masks everywhere on the ground being treated as Biologically hazardous waste??? Why the mask push to ‘protect’ if they don’t care about disposal?

  3. Gov. Newsom Panics, Pulls Kids From Summer Camp After Maskless Photo Of Son Surfaces

    Normalcy for me,
    Masks for thee.

    Are you getting the picture yet?

  4. Wear a mask – support communist dictatorship.

    Display your social signaling; wear 5 masks while taking a knee to ccp.

    Gaslighting brought to you by your local medical quackery.

  5. Are masks “proven” to help slow the spread? Where is the medical literature to support this? The literature does not support those cloth diapers on your face slowing the spread. In fact, the literature does not support any of these measures slowing the spread. The literature supports that doing nothing, keeping business as usual, as no less effective than all of this nonsense you are doing. And, the literature supported masks as actually harmful to patients in the inpatient setting. I follow the literature!

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