3 thoughts on “Activists ask supes for MCSO audit, Kendall says they’re underfunded, understaffed — MCSO launches mental health worker program

  1. As a tax payer and county resident, i’d rather see the county spend that money on more deputies. Sure there may be some benefits from an audit, but can the county afford it now. I think those groups would be more persuasuve if they ponied up some monies for this audit. I get the sense these groups are presenting a solution in search of a problem.

  2. I agree with Flash. If they want an audit so they can better understand the workings of the MCSO, they should pay for it. I also know that Sheriff Kendall is accomplishing a lot, with the small number of deputies and civilian staff. The staff is also paid much less than the neighboring county to the south. This is where the experienced law enforcement officers end up going to work, because of the high workload and minuscule pay in Mendocino County.

    If you want information, you can do research, read white papers, and learn how our local government functions. Having an audit for the sake of an audit is a waste. The money spent could be used on many other things. Developing future water sources is one way I would like to see money spent. This drought is not going anywhere, let’s start working on a long-term solution to what will be a long-term problem.

    The time to prepare ends when the crisis begins, and we are far from prepared for this water shortage. Our priority should be the long-term sustainability of our county, we cannot depend on the state who is recklessly spending, to take care of us in the long term.

    If we do not like the situation we are in, do something to make the change happen…don’t ask for someone else to do the work for you. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves, not the governments.

  3. If you are a federal agent, attorney general, special prosecutor, Innocence project, investigative journalist or someone that has jurisdiction over Mendocino county Sheriff Captain Matthew Kendall please investigate coroner case number Coro 7 – 390. Collectively it appears that there’s over a hundred and fifteen policy and procedure violations.

    Matthew Kendall ID 2316 is listed on the death investigation report”I released the previously seized coroners property to decedent’s mother…. The mother signed for the clothing… Signed twice, Matthew Kendall I d 2316.
    (policy and procedure says that there must be at least one witness signature not Kendall twice)

    It is extremely illegal to conspire to tamper with and destroy exculpatory evidence in a death investigation. Captain Matthew Kendall is the officer that is listed on the death investigation report for destroying exculpatory evidence 2 days after the shooting. It was listed as previously seized Coroner’s property.

    There was just a third report made by evidence technician Scofield that appears to be highly falsified!The evidence technician actually described how he tampered with the audio tape on the report and admitted to erasing exculpatory statements of a witness. The witness recently read the report and said that they erased where she told officers what the decedent was wearing, the missing bloody clothing that Captain Kendall is listed as tampering with.

    The Los Angeles county sheriff’s department Coroner’s division was called and asked if there’s any excuse that they can think of for a detective not turning in cease corners property? Specifically, a bloody t-shirt and bloody pants? The evidence technician said WOW!!! that’s a great question… Let me transfer you to my supervisor for that question… That told me everything that I need to know.

    Mendocino county Sheriff officer Julie Whipple was called and asked the same question. Julie Whipple said that” normally Mendocino county sheriff’s officers do not destroy evidence like that”!

    On 3 – 2 – 21 a complaint was filed on Sheriff Matthew Kendall for conspiring to tamper with and destroy exculpatory evidence in a death investigation and covering it up by removing the Sheriff property receipt.

    Any federal agents, District attorney’s, us attorneys, investigative journalist please review complaint number 21 – 7.

    Policy and procedure is that a supervisor is supposed to call back within 3 days. It’s been over 2 months and they finally came forward with the complaint number, if it’s real.

    There’s been many calls and emails to record sergeant and lieutenant Jennifer Reyes Rose Britain. On numerous calls Jennifer Reyes said that she doesn’t think any complaint was actually filed, if it was, she would know because she is the record sergeant…

    Defendant Michael Marlin may go down in California’s history books as the most railroaded client in the history of California!!!

    It appears that district attorney Jill ravitch and judge Nelson tried their best to suppress evidence of Officer misconduct. Not a little bit but widespread rampant abuse!!!

    Attorney Keith Faulder is a hero.Keith tried to expose district attorney recall Jill Ravitch and corrupt Kendall for tampering with evidence.

    Officer Jacob Donahue lied on the stand during questioning in Marlins trial and said that he didn’t have any evidence or information that would have led him to do a gunshot residue test on the decedent!!!

    This is an absolute lie!!!

    Officer Jacob Donahue had three exculpatory statements made to him after the shooting that would have led him to do gunshot residue test on the decedent!

    Three different witnesses. Kelly Marlin told officer Donahue that after she was attacked oh, then she heard lots of gunshots, as if fired by two guns, and that Redenius was shooting at Marlin!!!

    Neighbor Brian Corzilius told officer Donahue that Kelly Marlin told him is that Michael started shooting Redenius started firing back! The jury never learned these statements. If you are a juror reach out to the Marlin family on Facebook.

    When the defense Keith Faulder tried to expose this fraud and get the fraud on the record, judge David Nelson called for recess at least twice!

    Every time Keith try to ask officer Donahue why he didn’t do gunshot residue test the district attorney would object and the judge would call for recess!!!

    If you review trial transcript page 1229 Keith try to explain to the jury, if the district attorney would have done gunshot residue test on the decedent then I could prove to you that Redenius shot a gun at my client. But they didn’t.

    Mendocino county coroner case number Coro 7 – 390 Sheriff complaint # 21 – 7

    Falsified death investigation report.

    Falsified evidence technician report where the technician lied and said that all evidence was accounted for. Where is the bloody t-shirt and bloody pants?

    Third falsified report. Evidence technician audio interview by Jacob Donahue of witness Kelly Marlin. They actually admitted to erasing part of the audio but the explanation does not make sense.

    You can’t record over the Master copy and his excuse, if you Google it, it actually says the opposite is true. His excuse was limited memory continuous loop recording. If you Google continuous loop recording it says that it creates unlimited memory.

    It appears that judge Nelson had a choice. Either exposea lot of misconduct and overturn a few cases or send an innocent man to prison for 50 years and two life sentences!!!

    the jury never knew of the three exculpatory statements that showed self defense defense of his mother.

    TheMendocino county sheriff’s department has a long history of covering up the decedent’s past crimes. 8 assaults. Six police reports with no arrest no charges. Decedent attacked two pregnant women, two women over 50, young women, and men.

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