6 thoughts on “Gibney lane residents criticize Ft. Bragg Council over trash collector plan, a city mulls garbageman switch

  1. Gibney Ln, a small neighborhood road with ditches on both sides and could not accomodate more big trucks. People and kids walk to the hwy 1 bus stop and jughandle headlands frequently. No sidewalks so they have to walk on the road.Already if 2 vechicles are travelling in opposite directions they have to STOP to let walkers get by. Either that, or people have to jump in the deep ditch!!
    Also, to turn onto it from HWY 1 (coming from north or south) work be a pile- up waiting to happen. Very dangerous.

  2. City council is starting to look like the Biden administration.
    That is not a good thing by the way if you haven’t noticed.
    Follow the money and you will see how this came about and who will profit from it. Shady backroom deals are not what we need.

  3. This is totally unacceptable!!! How can Waste Management and the county even be thinking of this? Gibney Lane is a large RESIDENTIAL AREA. Hundreds of families live here. Our home is right on the corner of Gibney and HWY 1. Do you think we want to see and hear countless garbage trucks rumbling past every day? This is unthinkable! Stop this abominable plan and choose an area away from homes. As taxpayers, we residents have rights and this is a clear violation of our rights.

  4. As a property owner on Gibney Lane I totally oppose this project. The noise pollution of dozens of trucks going up and down Gibney Lane daily would be an audio assault on the people who live in this community. The wear and tear on this small country road would be devastating. Then there is the smell that will attract more unwanted wildlife like mice, rats, sea gulls and others seeking out that type of environment. Should the new station accept hazardous material then there is the potential for toxins released into the ground from spills etc. I live down hill from this site. This proposal is completely unacceptable.


  5. I echo the concerns of all of the commenters before me. Has there been an update yet on this topic from the City of Fort Bragg? We live near the corner of Gibney Lane and Highway 1. The additional noise and diesel / other fumes from slowing and accelerating heavy trash trucks would have an extremely strong negative effect on our quality of life.

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