Freezer failure at Ukiah Valley Medical forces emergency mass vaccine distribution


18 thoughts on “Freezer failure at Ukiah Valley Medical forces emergency mass vaccine distribution

  1. So the elderly and those w existing conditions get nothing. I wonder how many nurses and doctors contacted family and friends by “word of mouth or texting”?

  2. “the 101”
    Ugh. That’s not what we say here.

    Some of those folks did indeed get it, but time was of the essence. They only had two hours to hurriedly administer close to a thousand doses. How would you do it differently?

  3. 👏🏼👏🏼Congratulations on distributing so many vaccines in such a small time frame! 🙌🏼💖 Great job! ✨

  4. This line is not socially distanced. I don’t think everyone is wearing a mask even? I understand they didn’t have much time but I think it’s very worrisome to see a line like this outside of a hospital anytime in a pandemic. I will say this is a very unfortunate event. The best was made of a bad situation. And undoubtedly some people got vaccines ahead of others who need them more.. I applaud them for using all the doses but I am concerned about this picture indeed.

  5. This was an unfortunate event but may not have an altogether bad outcome. The randomness of the population that got immunized means the immunization will be spread in patches across Ukiah, which will help stop spread in a very spotty way which is actually good, instead of just at the hospital. It was not planned that way, but it could help the community. According to the current situation, we are due for more Covid contagion this month, so spreading out this resource is a possible plus. Medical community loses out but not permanently, and they do have lots of protective gear and are more careful than the general population.

  6. This story is a shining example of — and a tribute to — everyone who has ever found themselves in an unexpectedly difficult situation, yet under pressure managed to figure a way out of it, and find a path around any obstacles in their way. In this instance, none of the precious and potentially life-saving doses of vaccine got wasted. I first read the article in the LA Times about this heroic effort, and it’s pretty doggone inspiring, I’d have to say. Bravo to all involved!

  7. Nice to see that the supply of Ukiah Valley Pollyannas has not been diminished. Maybe your sunny dispositions will burn out the virus in the same way the UV Lamp up the Gazoo suggestion by the Commander In Thief intended. What this story actually is, is yet another indicator of just how Mickey Mouse, rinky-dink, fly-by-night, Keystone Cop, and generally b0RkEn Mendocino County and Ukiah are. Soviet-Era Russia couldn’t have done this worse. Truly the Chernobyl of towns. Bravo, for yet another fuckup in a long string of historical fuckups. (I could list hundreds, over the years: the present State Street disaster, the Water / Sewer fiasco, city Electrical management, the Shopping Mall Vote, etc. – but why beat a dead pig after the meat has rotted away?) This town does not remind me, as the late, great Frank Zappa said, of a sealed Tuna Salad sandwich – it reminds me more of something Shakespeare wrote: “it is a tale told by an Idiot, full of Sound and Fury, signifying nothing.”

    • “it is a tale told by an Idiot, full of Sound and Fury, signifying nothing.”

      What a perfect way to end your inane comment.

    • Frank Zappa though a good looking Italian had issues in book. I would insult my family naming them Moon Unit when that was a lie. I choose a Saints name my son. He probably knew nothing about Christianity as he was baptized probably a Roman Catholic as a boy. Sad tales are around us and just going to get worse. We ought to get use to it.

  8. When I was a boy Dart Drug had a freezer break down but it was full of ice milk no ice cream. I figured it was because no one liked ice milk much. It was not the real thing. Same vaccine as an excuse to have a fire sale. Who wants the Moderna vaccine anyways. It’s not proven to help anyone yet but might make them sick. I figure we can get more data now for COVID-19 roulette. Chinese Roullete.

  9. At the rate this disease is spreading in California you will all be dead by the time the Mendocino County Health Department gets it act together to start “jabbing” folks up here. So save your breath and forget it. You’re all doomed, all of you.

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