5 thoughts on “Shooting and car chase lead to fatal crash in Caspar

  1. It wasn’t two cars; a pickup pursued a motorcyclist to Caspar; the fatality was the rider of a motorcycle. The person who called the “accident” in to 911 said the driver warned her that the rider should not be approached as he still had a pistol. Caspar Road was blocked as a crime scene all day long.

  2. Whoever wrote this article seriously needs writing or editing skills. Very confusing and misleading. And apparently inaccurate. We are sad for the incident, grateful for any law enforcement trying to figure it out, but good grief.

  3. Is there any name of the motorcyclist. Who died. It may have been my cousin. I stay in sacramento and can’t find any others information on this. Please someone help

  4. I know the man killed and his wife has been notified. This family is in mourning. So if people could quit with writing there thoughts and opinions about what happened. Nobody really knows anything just yet.

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