7 thoughts on “Eel River tributaries decimated by drought

  1. Very good article, however, the effects of legal and non-legal cannabis grows were not discussed as probable additional factors. Combined with climate change and drought water diversion could bring on the extremes that were observed. Cannabis should be added to the equation.

  2. I would assume that some reservoirs holding cold water and slowly releasing it into the system just might benefit the struggling fish in the watershed.
    On the same token, removing a reservoir that releases cold water into the river could be catastrophic to the future of fish populations in the river.

  3. Can you imagine what the main stem of the Eel and the upper Russian would look like now if not for Lake Pillsbury providing stored water to the systems through the Potter Valley Project. Pay attention people, we need more water storage, fish passage without Scott Dam removal and responsible management of river flows. We can have a win win for fish and humans. Don’t let them tell you otherwise!

    • Have you been below Cape Horn Dam right now? Almost none of the water leaving Scott Dam makes it down the Eel, its all sent to the Russian for wine grapes. The responsible thing to do is tear the dams down and send the high winter flows over to Lake Mendocino for storage. Let the Russian River basin live within their means and store their own water.

    • The 2 basin solution provides viable water management options with the dam removal. Fish passage is prohibitively expensive. The Lake Pills folks with cabins like to say “we can have both” but leave out the part about who is going to pay. As a tax payer, im not interested in footing the bill for your lakefront property when there are viable alternatives. Especially when those alternatives help restore trout and steelhead fishing opportunities which are so bleak due to the dams in the first place.

      @George – are you a cabin guy or vineyard owner? Can’t get your vineyard/cabin buddies to foot the bill and buy a dam that no one wants? I sure dont want to pay for it.

  4. Very little water is diverted to Russian River. The droughts and climate change is the problem and Scott’s Dam is the only solution, if there is one to help out with the threatened fish. A fish ladder is the best solution because it always for greatest controls on regulation of waters, while providing best fish habitats.

  5. Anyone that doesn’t think dam removal is the best option for fish either has a lake front cabin or vineyards in Potter Valley.

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