District 3 supervisor: letter to constituents, late October


3 thoughts on “District 3 supervisor: letter to constituents, late October

  1. If the supervisors support Proposition 15, once again it appears our elected officials care more for tax revenues for the state and county coffers then they do for serving the people and businesses of this county. Prop 15 “…is the treacherous “split roll” property tax, a direct attack on Proposition 13. Proposition 15 would repeal part of Prop. 13 and require reassessment to market value of business properties….raise taxes on supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, factories, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, sports stadiums, warehouses, self-storage facilities, major retailers and other businesses where Californians work or shop. Even the smallest businesses that lease space will face higher rents, or will have to pay the higher property taxes as part of their “triple net” lease agreement. Those higher costs are passed on to consumers. Proposition 15 would raise prices, increase the cost of living and put countless jobs at risk as companies cut back or leave the state (Jarvis Taxpayers Association).” Proponents seek to weaken Proposition 13 – opening the door – they could then come after homeowners next. Yes, responsible taxation is necessary for public safety – law enforcement and fire protection – with some safety net social services and minimal government that would practice sound fiscal management with accountability. Because of high taxation without representation, we fought for and declared independence from England. California now ranks with States among highest for taxation; we have lost our freedoms to worship; lost our freedoms for family gatherings; and are now being told how we will observe Thanksgiving, eat our dinners and use the bathroom. Do you think maybe this might be a little too much government intervention into our lives; maybe a loss of too many freedoms; and way too much taxation without fiscal responsibility. Is it time to depose California’s King?


    Many mom & pop legacy growers simply can not afford these fees now imposed… and just want to be able to grow a few dozen plants… not many hundreds…

    Many seniors are barely making it on Social Security & meager Foos Stamp (SNAP) benefits.

    It’s high time (tic) the county administrators recognize the FACT that the senior citizen legacy mom & pop growers have been purposely disenfranchised, and correct this “oversight”.

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