5 thoughts on “Fourteenth case of COVID-19 confirmed in Mendocino, community spread unlikely

  1. “Nationally 89,420 have died of the virus and 3,204 have died in California.“ Our country has lost the equivalent of our county’s population. Every day my heart breaks more.

    • And how many have died of suicide and despair from the Flatten the Economy lockdowns? One research study estimates the number to likely be (at least) equal to actual deaths from COVID-19. Never mind the tens of millions facing enduring poverty so some can “feel safe.”

      The common reaction to COVID-19 smacks of self-righteousness and hypocrisy. Like when a school or other mass shooting happens, and millions are outraged, but those same are completely oblivious when the same number – or more! – of folks are shot dead in Chicago and Baltimore over a weekend.

  2. Would be 15 if they counted the Traveling Nurse who worked at Coast Hospital but they do not because she came from Oregon …worked here…went back to Oregon and was diagnosed there. Hopefully when the Crew arrives with a testing machine within week or 10 days…more of the truth will be available to us…along with more testing.

  3. Excellent and timely reporting. Please know I have ashewn Social Media and get my news entirely through reputable journalists such as the Voice. I am grateful for your dedication to all conmunities during this time.

    • Thanks for your support Keri! All our reporting is published here first, and we’re working on setting up timely notifications for people who don’t want to use social media platforms as well.

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