3 thoughts on “Over 16,000 ballots remain to be counted in Mendocino County — here’s the breakdown

  1. This is much clearer than your earlier article on election results which was very confusing and not even close regarding voter turnout.

  2. I was a poll worker on March 3rd. One of the many difficulties of the day was the number of people who came in to vote in person, only to discover that they were “vote by mail” voters. If they had not brought in their mailed ballot, they had to fill out a provisional ballot and fill out a form on the ourtside of an envelope. Many of these voters would say that they had voted in person for years and couldn’t understansd why they were now “vote by mail” voters. Most of these voters had recently been to the DMV to get a “Real ID”, or renew a driver’s license . Some were first time voters and said that they had never asked to be a “vote by mail” voter. Evidently there is a box which you can check on the screen at the DMV that asks “Do you want to receive your ballot in the mail” It does not say that checking that box would make them a “vote by mail” voter. This box is also on a paper registration ballot. Very confusing. If people who have been changed to “vote by mail” want to vote in person for the November election, they need to re-register. It is also a good idea to re-register if you have been a vote by mail voter for many years. They compare your signature on mail-in ballots and I know mine has changed significantly over the past 30 years.
    Just changing this small thing would make the voting go a lot faster, not to mention the counts! We didn’t have any lines at our polling place but it took a lot longer for some people just to vote.

  3. My instructions and ballot were mailed sperate to me. the ballot did not arrive. I called and asked for another… It came too late so I GOT HELP at an election voting precinct office. Sad part is now it seems that camping families and fixed income seniors who can’t afford motel and hotel rates in Mendocino were hit by a 10 percent county tax added and voted for by county employees and their friends on the few private campgrounds still remaining in Mendocino county. Will they tax fast food and Pizza Parlors next? Ps … the new tax is more than double what they already take in property taxes from those small businesses. 10 percent of gross income is a back breaker for most small business owners and can only hurt tourists and locals who benefit by camping in fair weather on the coast.

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