Mendocino homeless have no suspected COVID-19 cases, but often lack ability to shelter in place


7 thoughts on “Mendocino homeless have no suspected COVID-19 cases, but often lack ability to shelter in place

  1. With “roughly 200 homeless” in Fort Bragg, the one wash station and bathroom behind city hall will soon become a health hazard in it’s own right, simply because one bathroom is hardly sufficient for 200 people. The efforts of Fort Bragg are admirable, but the lag in addressing the homeless vector is self-defeating and telling. This town can no longer afford to punish people for being destitute, addicted, unwise, disabled and homeless as a result of any of the above. Putting off and arguing about the problem no longer serves anyone. The problems of the homeless are now officially the problems of the entire community. Of course, they always were. But you will feel it more if you don’t act quickly and decisively to protect your homeless population. Protect them, to protect all.

  2. Excellent coverage of a difficult challenge. I responded personally by offering a temporary bed to a young couple in my garage, the first weekend Elders were told to stay at home. They came in around March 15th. It’s an option that helps us both out. I have a quaranteam instead of total isolation. They are respectful, grateful, and offer me a different perspective on the challenge of poverty and social services. Maybe Redwood Community Services could help link pre-screened candidates to helpful neighbors?

  3. My husband and I are both homeless fort bragg we had full time jobs before the epidemic. Now my husband works for safeway as of today, and I am still unemployed. Hospitality center cant get us a motel because were not 65 or older. Were 40 and 45.we are forced to live in our car, we hear of all this help available but were not old enough to be elegable. My husband is now an essential worker risking his life daily. But there is no shelter in place option for us. If anyone knows of a real resource or help available. Please contact me at [email protected]. thank you

    • Hi Summer, we will look into this ASAP and get in touch, thanks for letting us know and I hope you are able to stay safe in the meantime.

  4. I wonder how many of your homeless are fugetives of law? Since I26 am just their laterst victim it bothers me that another citiyen will suffer like I have.

  5. I want to apologise for my misspellings of my late night rant. You see I am an elderly widow that gave a homeless couple a place to live in exchange for some simple chores in El Dorado county. $10,0000+ poorer, going to food closets I find they are hanging out in Ft.Bragg, crying the blues that no one is willing to help them on these very pages. I have no pity for people who prey on others with kind hearts.

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