Third case of COVID-19 confirmed in Mendocino; community spread unlikely

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2 thoughts on “Third case of COVID-19 confirmed in Mendocino; community spread unlikely

  1. “As of today, the average turnaround time for the one commercial lab available to our County, Quest, is two weeks.” A two week turnaround time is obscene, particularly since Quest’s average turnaround is 72 hours, sometimes less. It’s bad enough that Mendocino county is not testing many people, as evidenced by the number of tests that have not been processed, but combined with this kind of lag time, the number of people one positive individual could infect is appalling.

  2. With the rapid spread of the Colvid- 19 “VIRUS ” now Mendocino has its third KNOWN case and that we shouldn’t be concerned about it spreading because we are staying home ,washing our hands or wearing gloves or both and keeping 6ft away when we need to go to the store . But I’m having a difficult time understanding is that wouldn’t be to all of our best interests and most importantly not spreading the VIRUS if we knew who has it?!?.

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