Prejudice and bigotry in Covelo (letter to the editor)


4 thoughts on “Prejudice and bigotry in Covelo (letter to the editor)

  1. I am so thankful for this strong call for solidarity from these three thoughtful women. I think they’re right, standing up against bigoted, boorish behavior takes practice. Let’s get to it!

  2. I was impressed by this well thought out and concise editorial on “prejudice and bigotry”. These women have described behavior we’ve all witnessed … and they give us suggestions for how to intervene and step up as a witness or ally. Thank you!

  3. I thank these 3 woman! Let the dialogue continue OUTLOUD and as thoughtfully and with as much pisitivity as they have! It reminds me of M.L.King’s words: (I paraphrase) to stand by and watch evil go down, w/o lifting a hand to right the wrong, makes us as evil as the perpetuator!

  4. While I am aware of the Prejudice and Bigotry experienced by some residents of Covelo it is wrong for them to think it only happens to them. This is a Nationwide Problem and will remain so as long as any group sets themselves up as the ONLY victims of crime and prejudice and from my own personal experience we all suffer and are all Victims (or Survivors) We used to laugh off words and even joke about ourselves but oversensitivity has taken over and not only are people much more easily offended but have absolutely no cause to believe the Abuses are their exclusive property. What are they doing to include others? I have heard many slurs and FBombs from Coveloans for anyone who does not live there and against all law enforcement and seem to think they should be able to break laws and get angry when the law attempts to step in and stop the illegal activities. Now our Sheriff is from there and I susupect they will insist he do as they say and not stop them from commiting crimes. They will not speak out and tell what they do know….refusing to cooperate with Law Enforcement and then complain that Law Enforcement is not solving the crimes. If only they would speak out and not be so exclusive…sadly there are many good people who live there but unless the criminal action is aimed directly at them…they do nothing to help. I know quite a few people up there and any time I have questioned their “exclusionary and uncooperative” actions…I am slammed and excluded….so while I do agree there is Prejudice and Bigotry up there…they must accept the fact that it is (1) everywhere and (2) not just against them.

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