3 thoughts on “Supervisor John Haschak’s letter to constituents; Dec., 2019 (opinion)

  1. I am very worried about the Harris Quarry expansion and have lots of questions.Why was a 30 year extraction permit granted and why 200,000 yards both of which seem excessive? Why will the plant be allowed to operate 100 nights out of the year? Most of all, why did Carrie Brown did not allow the opposition to show a video documenting that fires can get started by asphalt plants? Her refusal is very troubling. What was she afraid of, possibly the truth? There is only one road in and out of the Black Bart and Black Hawk area, and it is in need of major repair. As to the statement that “Northern Aggregates has not been a cause of fires in the Ridgewood Summit area, there has not been an asphalt plant here in the past! As our third District Supervisor pointed out, “We have unprecedented fire danger in our communities” already. Why would you put an asphalt plant at the bottleneck of our only escape route? Because of the road situation, this is a Paradise fire waiting to happen. I have an elderly member of my family who is entirely bed ridden. Fleeing a fire, especially if it is on our only escape route will be impossible. The supervisors have put our lives in greater jeopardy by this decision. Is money more important than thousands of human lives? How do we reverse this tragic decision? Virginia De Vries

  2. regarding repair of roads in the previous comment, when (if ever are you going to do something to repair roads (especially roads, dos rios road and the list goes on) in your own district 3? in you campaign you stated that was a priority. perhaps you forgot as after a year you are still trying to get your feet on the ground. i suppose it takes a year or more to learn what you are doing and who you represent beside yourself.

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