One thought on “MCSO deputy shoots one man in Redwood Valley — Sheriff Allman gives press conference

  1. Sheriff Allman said the suspect’s injuries were non life-threatening.He was hit in the chest…with the Taser a deputy deployed before the suspect was shot.It happened on Uva Drive..not Uva Road. The deputies are on paid Administrative Leave. A bag of “a white powdery substanee was found inside the suspect’s vehicle” which will be tested as will the Taser. The suspect was reported missing out of Los Angeles with no known connections to anyone up here. The weapon used by the suspect was a Desert Eagle 50 Caliber…which costs from about $1350.00 and up. Semi auto and large. That’s about all I know at the moment until the DA finishes the investigation and the testing of evidence is done…Maybe there will be another Press Release by Sheriff Tom Allman. Keep up the great reporting. <3 ~GRANNY

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