Obituary: Remembering Marie DeSantis, the “Bad Ass Angel”


6 thoughts on “Obituary: Remembering Marie DeSantis, the “Bad Ass Angel”

  1. My heart breaks to know Marie’s gone..though i know i will make a point of forever seeing her boats wake on Tomales Bay…Im a newbie to her life, having closed my copy of Neptunes Apprentice just yesterday…wondering what where & how she was..i ‘searched’ her name..damn- those words …’died-passed away….now shes gone !
    Will someone kindly notify me of final plans for Marie’s memorial ‘party’…thanks! Canyon – [email protected]

  2. Marie. Bad Ass Angel. Yes. And with a humongous heart, a blistering smile, and a righteous reason for living. She made so much difference in Sonoma County, our Country and the World with her initiatives, her call for justice, and her humanitarianism. I had the privilege of working with Marie when I was on the board of the local rape crisis center and I learned so much from her. Her light, her life and her work has touched many people who suffer violence and injustice as well as those of us who serve them. Thank you, sister. Love you, sister. Sail well, sister. Hrieth

  3. Just reread her book Neptune’s apprentice with great pleasure and wondered what became of her. I now read her ob. A wonderful person, one of those who make the world a better place.

  4. I found a photo of Marie’s boat yesterday and tried to send it to her via the email I had. I knew she was living in Anchor Bay but we hadn’t talked for many many years. I was sad to learn of her passing, but happy to know she received so many awards. She was basically the first female solo commercial fisherperson on the California coast. I followed in her wake, learning so much from her. I remember her talking to me on the marine operator as I returned from a solo albacore trip a hundred miles offshore when the weather changed. All the way back to SF we talked because I personally thought I wouldn’t make it in and she was cheering me on. I wish we had stayed in touch so don’t wait until you’re ancient to look up old friends.

  5. Marie was in my biology class at Niskayuna High School in upstate NY. She was obviously brilliant. Also quite a gymnast.Our eyes were opened to recently discovered DNA and its implications by a wonderful teacher who had just studied under Watson & Crick at Harvard.Life changing for both of us I think. I visited her later at the University of Chicago where she was working on a research project.
    In reading her books I see that she truly threw herself into her passion and enriched us all with her descriptions of the sea and live as a fisherwoman.
    Rest in peace Marie.You crafted a life well lived.

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