Tell the Army Corps what you think about Lake Mendocino


6 thoughts on “Tell the Army Corps what you think about Lake Mendocino

  1. I was born and raised here and spent a lot of time at lake Mendocino as a child and a adult. I’ve seen the lake over full with water and with no water at all we use to ride our doom buggy‘s Around the whole lake. We use to camp have bbqs with friends and family boat and swim. Unfortunately since the fires the lake was closed to camping we’re going on 3 years at first u said “lake camping would be closed for 1 year” I drive out there and see how the camp grounds are going to crap it looks awful the bathrooms are filthy I can’t believe how run down it is and this is what I pay for ????? Really when are the locals who pay taxes allowed to go camping relaxing fishing and swimming at the lake?
    It looks like never ???? U even started charging to park on the south and now ur not ????? What’s up with that ???? Wishy-washy If u ask me .
    We don’t like it we have very little to do here and the lake is a BIG part of our lives and growth.

    Thanks for listening

  2. one thing at the hwy 20 side .we use to go down by the river and park and fish ,now they have sign’s no parking what is going on ? we have heard the big rig’s horse people and big motor home’s complined ? well at night why not get in before it’s to dark as we like to night fish ? also the gate is closed now and no water is on the road ? so what if one or two people have to drive to open and close the gate what else are they doing for pay ? nothing as usual they go out some long road read a book or pretend they are working ? as the price of gas is out of reach for those who live pay check to pay check open the gate and let us fish if those who can’t drive past us stay home ?

  3. Unfortunately, Lake Mendocino is being trashed by certain members of the community. The vandalism is out of control and the Corps of Engineers has had to close areas, not by choice. They’ve had locks cut, portable restrooms tipped over, gates rammed, toilets plugged, bathrooms and other infrastructure vandalized. Why are certain members of the public trashing their recreation area? Why? Ask yourselves this question. You can’t blame the Corps of Engineers. Start respecting YOUR lake! Start taking pride in YOUR lake. Turn in the people that trash YOUR lake. You want improvements at the lake, do YOUR part!

  4. Enough is enough. It’s time for these people to get it together and move on. We all have our hard times but we the public are again being taken advantage of. The lake facility is been trashed and the folks there are doing nothing about it. It’s time for these people to get on with there lives and give us our lake back

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