Customer shoots alleged robber at Ukiah Subway (updated 10:30pm)


14 thoughts on “Customer shoots alleged robber at Ukiah Subway (updated 10:30pm)

  1. Concealed Carry Permit with a Fireman aside, there is SO much that could have gone seriously wrong. What if the robber had a REAL gun? An ensuring shootout with stray bullets around one of the most impacted intersections in Ukiah? There’s a McDonalds PLAYLAND across the street! Not to worry, the heads of drivers/passengers waiting forever on the Orchard Ave left turn lane would take the impact. Still, the fiscal impact- $45K for the helicopter, who knows how much at (probably) Sutter Regional, Court and Trial costs, likely State imprisonment at $39K per year. Some dumb 20 year old with a stupid plan creates $200-500K in damage for $600 in cash, which would have been covered by insurance. Thanks a lot, Amerikkka. I really like your gun culture.

    • Sure it could have gone poorly, but it didn’t. All is fine until its you with your kids sitting in subway having dinner crapping your pants worrying you’re gonna have to watch your kids get shot by a cull with a gun. I won’t be a sheep to slaughter! Real world consequences lead to better decision making by degenerates in society. No worries, he’ll get patched up and have a nice stay in Cali prisons with three squares and cable TV.

    • Instead of taking action, the law abiding citizen should have let your relative the criminal kill everyone in the restaurant and then go to your home and rape the women in your house.

    • What if? what if? So many “what ifs”
      If your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle.
      If “if” was a fifth, we’d all have a party.
      I hope that you don’t spend half your life paralyzed by “if”.
      Have a blessed Christmas.

    • You’re joking, right? Can you tell the difference between a real gun and a fake? I’ve been dealing with firearms for 20 years and I’ll be the first to tell you, nobody stops to ask if it’s real or not. Be glad that the only one hurt was the jackass that started the problem.

  2. One thought? Appears to be several. Here is one clear thought. All that is necessary for evil to succeed in the world is for good men to do nothing

  3. #1 there is no play land at the McDonald’s on Perkins street anymore and anyone who feels that the man should of just been allowed to come into a business hold hostages at gun point,( whether his gun was real or not his intent was to make the customers believe it was to take what he thought he could by instilling fear into these innocent civilians ) your a F#%king idiot !!
    Concealed Carry Permit holders are extensively trained and tested to be competent to use their firearm in a situation that requires it before they are ever issued there permit!! They are given these permits to handle situations like this because police can not be everywhere all the time!! They are trained to diffuse situations like this one that occurred at subway.. What the firefighter did was heroic and should be praised for his quick calculated actions that potentially saved numerous lives and has showed would be armed robbers that you better think twice before you decide to try and take something that didn’t belong to you by force…
    The statement made about gun culture is the most ignorant I have heard .. The criminal who used his gun to hold people hostage and demand money is the only one who was wrong and his actions are what cause so much controversy over the topic.. think about if this would of been at someone’s child’s school , you would be so lucky that a law abiding concealed carry holder was there to diffuse the situation before yours or someone else’s children were executed by a criminal.. The facts are no one but the suspect was shot! The situation was diffused exactly how it was supposed to be and the firefighter should feel good about his actions and should be honored ! Obviously the person who wrote the comment about gun culture had never had a gun pointed at them and robbed and made to think they were going to possibly die at the hands of a violent criminal.. if he had his opinion would be very different

    • Very good response. The person who is mocking the “gun culture” sounds like a typical lib tard who has no clue. He’s probably some Prius driving hippie who lives on the coast. The flyer for the delay very heroic thing we need more people like him. If more people were armed there would be less gun violence. People who are responsible and obey the laws usually are the ones who have CCW permits and can protect regular citizens from incidents like what happened when this douche bag tried to rob a sandwich shop.

  4. You can choose to be a sheep, a wolf or a sheepdog. This firefighter chose to be the sheepdog, the robber chose to be the wolf and Kenff, who commented above, chooses to be a sheep. Thank God for the sheepdogs.

  5. It is obvious the concealed carrier processed this situation before he made any move he did not just pull his gun and start shooting my hats off to him and anyone like him. If more people were arm and able to think these kind of things wouldn’t even be happening we have too many lip Tarde‘s that have no idea what a gun he is so they are scared to death of it the same as a city boy is scared of a mountain lion he’s never seen .

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