Haschak thanks voters (letter to the editor)


2 thoughts on “Haschak thanks voters (letter to the editor)

  1. I am reporting to everyone in the entire county of mendoncino, that our licensed farm got hit! Again!
    WTF!!!???!!! All the time and money spent getting legal, for this?!?! What did t spend all this money on if the BCC,the CDFA, and waterboard, etc can’t help our place from getting robbed!!! We waited all year for THIS?!?! The county of mendoncino is going to get a big surprise when I sue them for damages and loss! You think I’m gonna sit quietly by and do nothing? I’m writing to every news outlet in the whole United States, and I’m going to let everybody know that going legal is a scam! That you will still raid, pillage and/or murder whoever whenever you please, and say whatever you want to justify it! Not today! Not this time! I’m going to make sure that Mendoncino losses every dollar! You won’t have a county anymore!

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