Governor’s Puzzling 3rd District Appointment (opinion)


One thought on “Governor’s Puzzling 3rd District Appointment (opinion)

  1. As I watched Humboldt County do a fantastic job of getting set up as a Cannabis Tourist Attraction, Branding their products, getting info out, we in Mendocino’s 3rd District sat here with our thumb where the sun don’t shine, no Supervisor during this whole process…..I too wanted Mr. Pinches or Holly Madrigal to be our experienced Supervisor. Sorry Ms Croskey but I’ve never heard of you either and this especially seemed a time for an experienced person.
    It would seem with the Willits bypass, setting up a Cannabis Tourist Attraction would have brought much needed
    traffic through Willits….but I guess now tourists will just drive on by on their way to Humboldt and the Willits store fronts will remain empty. So sad.
    Thank goodness Humboldt is North of us as they seem to have their chit together enough to benefit us at least with traffic headed there if you are in Laytonville! Not true for Willits.
    I voted for Jerry Brown both times but won’t vote for him again for anything He might run for, (Rumors of President) since he just blew us off for several months and then left us in the ditch.
    This Mr. Brown is the reason for talk of splitting from Sacramento, I mean California. You want the taxes but do not represent the people of Mendocino….just not enough of us to matter?
    I completely agree with Mr. Shields.

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