Video: Check out the Orr Springs Road Bailey bridge!


2 thoughts on “Video: Check out the Orr Springs Road Bailey bridge!

  1. I wrote a poem called The Green Bridge. Here it is. Tara Sufiana
    The transition between town and country
    is now more clearly defines.
    by crossing the newly installed Green Bridge,
    where orr Springs road had slipped away,
    during the torrential rains of the winter of 2017.

    I like the feeling of ‘crossing over’,
    from a busy town of traffic and commerce,
    int the beauty, peace and quiet,
    that Nature still provides,
    in the coastal range mountains of northern California.

    This bridge for me, also represents,
    crossing over from the world at large,
    to my own private sanctuary,
    carved lightly into the wilderness,
    where mountain lions still roam,
    and condors, hawks and eagles still fly.

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