2 thoughts on “Comparing masks to protect against Covid-19: Miller Report for Feb. 1, ’22 (column)

  1. Youre only just NOW acknowledging the FACT that your garbage dust masks are basically useless and claiming what Ive said since DAY ONE. If this pandenic was anything but a FARCE, we would have been made aware, but you dummies cant even do that right. Blah blah blah.

  2. If 5% of a rooms population is wearing a mask incorrectly the whole room is contaminated in a short amount of time if people are moving around. CDC’s guidance for mask wearing…..in other words masks don’t work for others safety. Lockdown society again until 2023! We must be safe from medical personnel and theircontrol freak lies. Get vaccinated and to hell with the cowards. Get back to normal….Life is for the Living!!

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