3 thoughts on “Fort Bragg downgrades water emergency, no longer receiving water from Ukiah

  1. newsflash!!! noyo river now flows in reverse…. the city of fort bragg has botched mill site manegment so bad that instead of a desal plant on the oceac; they instead opted to reverse the flow of the noyo river “whereas” the “proclamation” from the city reads. “no water shall ever reach the ocean! and no water will ever support native habitat on the noyo river!! fuck the enviroment!! we want water!!…. meanwhile they are gearing up money to battle the stupid skunk train over mill sight property… how brilliant is all of this?? can’t make it u. it is 2021 and while other countries are setting up desal on the ocean waters; fort bragg’s pioneering the no flow of a native river!!! good job fort bragg… i mean really those at the top! we um love you? this is fucked up… all that land. all that space for long term wind/wave energy and fort bragg decides to put desal on the river flows… this is cool but did anybody ask the earth how it feels out it??

  2. Excellent! Now will the County repay the funds they took from the PG&E Settlement Funds intended for Redwood Valley and Potter Valley? Somehow, I’m not holding my breath.

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