3 thoughts on “Cities lead partnership effort to address drought in Mendocino County

  1. Good article on the water shortage in Fort Bragg. I sat on the FB Planning Commision in the late 70s and FB had been working on a water plan for a number of years then. Plans are only as good as the implementation. None occured after that report. How many more plans will there be before folks get it that water is the lifeblood of all living things but also businesses and communitites. When resources dry up (pun intended) water, fish, timber, soil or petroleum communities can not survive for very long. We have seen the timber and fishing resources dwindle to the point below sustainability. Now with the drought (caused by … you name it) in full swing the water that FB relies on is dwindling and dwindling to the point that community sustainability is in question.

    What is the answer? Well I do know that we do have a huge ocean of water reserve (another pun intended) that is poison to humans until the salt is removed. De-salination works! It is just a matter of the will of the people to actually be willing to pay for it. With the smothering anti tax crowd out there it is a wonder that this kind of solution was approved. Now this small plant is not the total solution. We must conserve as well. I have been part of a community for about 10 years and we have reduced the amount of water our homes us from what the historical standard of about 350 gallons per day is to about 155 gpd. These savings did come from the fact that all of the homes were built with water saving devices (please forgive DJT as he was only scoring political points) such as low flush toilets, low flow shower heads and automatic shutoffs in faucets…while you may have to flush twice every once in a while, what really does that matter.

    So, take the savings of about 200gpd in my community and multiply it by 2,000 homes (more than that existing in the FB community) and that is 400,000gpd. That is a long way towards the simple 10% of 700,000gpd that the FB City Council is asking you to reduce. It is not cheap for each home owner but in the big picture we can pay for it out of community funds (raise taxes) or pay for it individually as part of our civic duty. Either way there is no free lunch and if you want to use water you must pay the piper.

    All I know is that doing very little over the last 50 years (a half century) has led us to a point that is the tipping of the community. Oh by the way what happened to the water right that Georgia Pacific had?

  2. crisis management….we’ve been in drought status at least 5 years, now discussion over desal plant? plan aheaD…what a concept!

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